On Saturday, the Chief of Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat, stressed that the country needs to ensure that the consequences of instability in its neighborhood are addressed. He also said that there is a possibility that Jammu and Kashmir as well as the Northeast region will be threatened by the situation in Afghanistan which was taken over by the Taliban a few months ago, but that this threat can be negated by working on internal monitoring.

India’s national security landscape has been stressed at the expense of the security scenario arising from sub-continental threats…. General Rawat said we need to address the consequences of instability and volatility in our immediate and extended neighbourhood, and that remains our immediate priority. Delivering the first memorial lecture of Ravi Kant Singh here, he said the situation in Myanmar as well as the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh should be monitored, with the risk of the latter being exploited by fundamentalist elements.

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He also said that India’s relations with Bhutan and Nepal have always been strong and any issues with these countries have been dealt with in a positive manner. Brigadier General Rawat said internal security challenges in the Near East region have serious international dimensions as extremist groups enjoy contact, including cross-border hideouts, and their members often use porous borders to escape security forces.

However, he added that in recent years there has been a decrease in violence in the Near East region and praised the joint efforts of the security services and civil society to achieve this. General Rawat said it is of paramount importance to maintain the land link of the region with the rest of the country via the Siliguri Pass.

He added that this weak passage will always be a source of concern and any attempt to block it by any element must be nipped in the bud. “India should be alert to the potential impact of the situation in Afghanistan in Jammu and Kashmir. We have to close our borders. Internal monitoring is essential,” he said at a press conference.

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Asked if regime change in Afghanistan could pose a threat to Assam and the Northeast, Rawat said that there is a potential threat “that could be there. We have to defend ourselves. We need to educate our people that they should be conscious of their security.” He said. Chief of Defense Staff The northeastern region, especially Assam, is in a beneficial position to project India’s soft power to the world.

“Northeast region including Assam is the land of possibilities. Indeed, it has the potential to be a hub for projecting India’s soft power in the countries of the region. He stressed the need to develop multi-model connectivity through developing transportation to access markets ASEAN and other markets.

India and China issues take time to resolve due to doubts

On Saturday, while discussing the outstanding issues with China on Latin America and the Caribbean in East Ladakh, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat said that there are doubts between the two countries and that resolving these issues takes time. In response to a question during an event in Guwahati, CDS Rawat said one should look at the border issue with China as a whole. “Don’t look separately at Northeast or Ladakh.”

“In 2020, we faced a small problem. And now the issues are resolved through talks that are taking place at the military level, at the level of foreign affairs and at the political level. The issues that have occurred, we must let them calm down and we are very confident that we will be able to solve our border problems.” This is not the first time this has happened. These border problems have occurred in the past and we have been able to resolve them. As there are doubts between the two countries, (the issues) take time to resolve.”

He also highlighted the potential for developing the manufacturing and services sector in the Near East region, which could help it meet the needs of the international market.

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