Congress on Friday criticized Federal Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia over allegations he obtained a photographer while visiting former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, saying that for BJP people it was all about “taking a picture”. The party also demanded the Minister of Health to apologize.

The congressional attack came after the daughter of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Daman Singh, accused the minister of obtaining a photographer against the family’s wishes. Daman Singh told ThePrint that her mother was very upset because a photographer entered the room with the minister. But when she insisted the photographer leave the room, she was “completely ignored”.

“She was very upset. My parents are trying to cope with a difficult situation. They are old people. They are not animals in a zoo,” Daman Singh said. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjwala said the whole thing for BJP members was to “take a picture”.

He said in a tweet on Twitter: “Everything is a hypothetical BJP photo. Shame on the Health Minister, who paid a visit to meet the ex-PM at AIIMS, an ugly PR stunt.” “This…the mandate for every moral standard, a breach of the former prime minister’s privacy, an insult to established tradition, reflects a lack of basic decency. I apologize now!” Surgwala tweeted.

“Photo taking is the hallmark of the Modi government,” said MP Rajya Sabha and Grand Congress leader Digvijaya Singh. Congress leader Manekam Tagore said the minister’s actions were a “serious breach of privacy” and asked why Mandavia had entered the cameras. “When former Prime Minister Vajpayee was in the hospital did we get pictures from AIIMS? It’s a crime @crpfindia should answer? AIIMS should answer?” Tagore tweeted.

Tagore said he would write to President Ram Nath Kovind to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers to stop these “trivial things”. Prominent Congress Party leader Abhishek Singhvi said, “I know you all are concerned about the health of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but please stop sharing his pictures from his hospital bed. It is a violation of his and his family’s privacy and is by no means a good way.” Congress leader Salman Anis Suz said that when he visited Federal Health Minister Manmohan Singh at AIIMS, his cameraman went inside due to the family’s objections.

“How much do you hate this propaganda system?” He said. Daman Singh said her parents explicitly insisted that visitors be restricted because her father has dengue fever and his immunity is low, and there is a risk of infection. The former prime minister contracted COVID-19 in April, at the height of the second wave in Delhi, despite two doses of the vaccine.

“It was so nice of him to visit the health minister and express his concern,” Daman Singh said, adding, “However, my parents were not in a state to photograph at the time.” Manmohan Singh was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here on Wednesday evening after complaining of weakness after a fever. The 89-year-old former Prime Minister has been admitted to a special ward in the hospital’s Cardiology and Neurology Center and is under the care of a team of cardiologists led by Dr. Nitish Naik.



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