It is a mild autumn morning on October 4, 2021 in Lakhimpur Khiri district of Uttar Pradesh. Four glass and cooler boxes located on an 11-foot-wide road in Tekunya, the outermost district of Lakhimpur Khairy. They carry the bodies of farmers who lost their lives in the violence.

The women stand nearby, their eyes bulging from incessant crying. Their faces, wracked with sadness, betray the horrific ordeal they have been through for the past two weeks. A few meters away stands an old farmer who is constantly trying to wipe his eyes with a barna (a short piece of cloth used to cover/clean the face), but she can’t keep up with the tears endlessly rolling down his wrinkled face. Gurvinder Singh, his son, is lying in a chest.

Now, farmers flock in droves to honor the dead and gather in nearby land. To deter a crowd, a trolley is parked on the side of the road. Every bystander pays respects to bodies with folded hands.

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