The Madhya Pradesh state government has announced a plan to provide free plots of land to families who do not own one, so that they can lead a decent life, an official said on Friday. Under Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu-adhikar Yojna, the state government will provide plots of land to families who do not have land to build their homes, an official from the Public Relations Department said.

While announcing the scheme at a meeting on Thursday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said the move would also open the way for the construction of homes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. He said the state government, under Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu-adhikar Yojna, had issued guidelines for land allocation in rural areas.

Chauhan explained that the scheme was implemented with the aim of ensuring every family’s right to a decent life with basic necessities, adding that a residential plot of land would help people obtain loans from government schemes and banks. The scheme began to provide residential plots of land for eligible families on Abadi land at each gram panchayat.

Under the scheme, neighborhood collectors have been empowered with regard to the availability of Al-Abadi land, and the maximum area of ​​the plot for allotment will be 60 square metres. The Prime Minister said that a family should consist of a married couple and their unmarried children, and families living in a particular village would be eligible under this scheme. For a residential plot, applications must be submitted online through the SAARA portal, he said.

Village lists of eligible households under the scheme will be published for the purpose of inviting relevant villagers for objections and suggestions, and the time period will not be less than 10 days, it is reported. Eligible applicants will be granted land ownership rights in the joint name of the husband and wife based on availability, and no premium will be paid against the allotment of the plot.

The official said requests received and cases accepted would be monitored by the Revenue Commissioner.


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