A senior police official said on Sunday that Ashish Mishra, son of union minister Ajay Kumar Mishra who is currently imprisoned for Lakhimpur Khairy violence, has contracted dengue fever.

Additional Police Superintendent Arun Kumar Singh said Ashish Mishra, who was held in remand, was returned to the district jail on Saturday night for treatment at his health care facility. Sources told News18 that Ashish Mishra’s condition is currently stable. The sources added that a family member obtained permission to stay with him in the facility.

News18 had previously reported that Ashish Misra was taken to a government hospital on suspicion of dengue fever, and his sample was sent to the laboratory to confirm that he had the disease.

“It has not been confirmed whether he (Misra) has dengue fever. His sample was sent for testing on Friday. Lakhimpur District Jail Director Khairi B.P. Singh said the picture would be clear once the report was released.

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Four farmers and a local journalist were killed on 3 October when a Misra SUV ran over a group of farmers returning from a protest against new farming laws in Tekunya in Lakhimpur. Two BJP workers and a Misra driver were killed in the ensuing violence.

So far, 13 people, including Maysara, have been arrested in connection with the incident.

The farmers claimed that Misra was present when the four-wheel drive vehicle killed the farmers, while Misra and his father denied the claim.

Sources told News18 that the defense team is preparing a timeline to prove that Misra was in his village of Banfirpur and not in Teconia.

The special investigation team is searching for the reason why Ashish’s aides were forced to carry weapons to escort Deputy Prime Minister Keshav Prasad Moriah. They also claimed that adequate police arrangements had been made for the program but that the aides were still armed.

“We asked Ashish why he and his aides carried weapons as the deputy prime minister was the main guest. He did not answer the question correctly and said he was not carrying a gun. He agreed that he was well aware of the farmers’ protests against the deputy prime minister. His aides carried weapons. While they were going to escort the main guest to the place where the protest was taking place,” a senior official told News 18.

Informed sources confirmed that the second case will witness a few arrests of demonstrators for the murder of Ashish’s aides, as evidence was collected and all the accused were summoned to join the investigation.

We have scientific evidence against the protesters that they killed Ashish’s associates. Nevertheless, we are looking for witnesses for whom we called the protesters facing charges and were present there. According to their statement, the arrests will take place soon.”

The officials also claimed that the place was provided with adequate security in accordance with the protocol and refuted the allegations made by Ajay Misra not to put up the barriers.

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