A special drug administration and tax court has released on bail Achet Kumar, Jomit Chopra and Nupur Sarika in connection with the Mumbai drug confiscation case.

Mumbai cruise drug case: Court grants bail to Achet Kumar and two others

A special NDPS court in Mumbai granted bail to Achet Kumar on Saturday in connection with a Mumbai cruise drug seizure case. (picture for representation)

An NDPS Special Court has released on bail Aryan Khan’s friend Achet Kumar on Saturday in connection with a Mumbai cruise drug confiscation case. Achet Kumar has been arrested by the National Central Bank On 6 October after his name was revealed by Aryan Khan and his friend Arbaaz Merchant.

According to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), it was Ashit Kumar who occasionally supplied Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant with Ganga weed. From the possession of Achet Kumar, the agency allegedly “confiscated 2.6 grams of a green leafy substance believed to be ganja”.

The NDPS court also granted bail to Jomet Chopra and Nupur Sarika, who allegedly organized the cruise.

while, Aryan Khan is finally out of Arthur Road prison Saturday after the Bombay High Court released him on bail on Thursday, October 28. Aryan Khan had to spend two more nights in jail as the court’s detailed bail order is still pending.

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On Friday, the Bombay High Court issued a detailed order regarding the release of Aryan Khan on bail in the Mumbai cruise drug case. customized, Fourteen conditions were imposed on Aryan Khan’s bail, Including a ban on leaving the country without prior permission from the NDPS court. He was also asked to hand over his passport to the court.

The Bombay High Court also granted bail to Arbaaz Merchant, who is likely to be released from prison this evening.

Arbaaz Merchant’s father, Aslam Merchant, arrived at Arthur’s Road Jail on Saturday morning. He told India Today TV that Arbaaz Merchant will be released this evening, adding that he is in prison to meet his son.

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