Mumbai Police have asked Prabhakar Ciel, an independent witness in Cairo Mumbai cruise drug caseTo appear before the vigilance team of the Drug Enforcement Bureau that is investigating a case The charges of extortion against the district manager, Samir Wankidi, in a. Saturday. However, he did not attend and left Mumbai’s NCB team for Delhi on the same day without recording Prabhakar Seal’s statement.

Central Bank officials said Prabhakar Seal was a “critical witness” in the investigation and without his statement, the team would not be able to reach any conclusion.

Earlier, the NCB had written to the Mumbai Police asking them to assist in the matter as the witness had allegedly been repeatedly notified but failed to appear before the SIT.

“It has been learned from various media reports that Prabhakar Ciel is under investigation by the Mumbai Police. Hence, it is requested that Prabhakar Ciel be brought before the Special Investigation Team… to record his statements and provide evidence.” A letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner said.

On Friday, the Mumbai police responded to the National Central Bank and said they had asked Prabhakar Sail to appear before the central office at the requested time and date.

Prabhakar Seal is the witness who brought the allegations of extortion against the district manager of the NCB unit in Mumbai Sameer Wankedi.

What did Prabhakar say?

On October 24, Independent witness Prabhakar Sail It was stated in an affidavit that Rs 25 crore has been requested on behalf of NCB District Manager Sameer Wankedi for the release of SRK’s son Aryan Khan.

As Prabhakar Seal, the bodyguard of another witness, K.P. Gusavi, that he was forced to sign a blank inscription. He said KP Gosavi is the one who has requested Rs 25 crore on behalf of Sameer Wankedi.

In response to these allegations, the National Central Bank issued a press release saying that Sameer Wankedi denied all the allegations.

Meanwhile, Sameer Wankedi, Wrote a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner His demand to “ensure that no hasty legal action” is taken against him by “unknown persons” with “ulterior motives” to set him up.

On October 25, Deputy Director General of the National Central Bank, Janeshwar Singh, said that an investigation had been opened to investigate the allegations against Sameer Wankedi. On October 27, Samir Wankidi has been questioned By the vigil team at the National Commercial Bank for more than four hours.

During its three-day trip to Mumbai, the NCB team recorded the data of eight people and collected important documents and recordings, according to an official.

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