Karan Sajnani, the co-accused with Nawab Malik’s brother-in-law Sameer Khan in a drug case, said in an exclusive chat with India Today that no drugs were seized by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). He claimed that only herbal cigarettes were found with him.

Karan Sajnani, a British national, was the first to be arrested in the case after the National Central Bank allegedly recovered 200 kilograms of imported marijuana from him. According to the agency, he imported marijuana, or ganja, from the United States by mail.

He said: I did not have any medicines taken from me, they were herbal cigarettes. No one will keep 200 kg of marijuana in the house where the parents live. No authority has been arrested yet [anyone with] More than 2 kg of marijuana grown in the United States. How can they grab 200 kgs? “

Further investigations allegedly led the CIA men to the famous Muchhad Paanwala in Mumbai, who seized about 500 grams of contraband from his headquarters. It is in the same shipment that the name of Nawab Malik’s brother-in-law Sameer Khan also appeared.

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Sameer Khan was buying herbal cigarettes from me. It is a friend. Karan Sajnani said why would he be an accomplice in an alleged Rs crore drug shipment and only give Rs 20,000 in money.

I am not against any drug control agency. They do a good job, but there was a misunderstanding in my case. “We are victims in the case,” he added. However, he claimed that 7.5 grams of marijuana was found from another defendant named Shaista Furnituriwala.

Karan Sajnani further said he had written to the UK authorities to clarify his position. I am not complaining against anyone. It was mentioned in the media that a British citizen was arrested with smuggled goods, so I wanted to clarify my position. ”

Karan Sajnani has also been arrested while investigating the Susanth Singh Rajput case. He said he had “nothing to do with this case,” either.

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