The Karnataka government on Saturday issued an order allowing only green crackers to be sold and set off during this Deepavali, and advised people to strictly adhere to COVID-19 standards. “Other than the green crackers allowed by the Supreme Court in its directives, no other crackers can be sold or exploded,” said an order signed by Chief Secretary B Ravi Kumar.

Noting that vendors who have obtained the necessary permits from relevant departments and authorities can only sell green crackers, she said that the stalls selling green crackers can only be opened from November 1 to 10.

Green quarrying booths can only be temporarily opened at the place and on the dates mentioned in the permit, adding that booths should be opened away from residential areas and in open grounds, in addition to ensuring adequate ventilation, a distance of 6 meters should be maintained between two quarrying booths.

The demand also forces kiosks to follow COVID-19 regulations such as maintaining a six-foot distance between customers, thermal screening, wearing masks and disinfecting. Also, you must ensure that there is no crowding during the purchase.

Meanwhile, Karnataka fire and emergency services have advised safety measures such as allowing children to light fireworks under the supervision of adult members, keeping sparks away from the body and not light crackers in the home.

He also advised people to immediately contact Firefighting 101 in case of emergency, and urged people to be sensitive to infants, the elderly, the sick and animals, apart from not lighting loud fireworks near hospitals.

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