Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Federal Home Minister Amit Shah. (Twitter)

He said the BJP is confident that India will become a $5 trillion US economy before 2024.

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Federal Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “increased the value” of Indian passports abroad. He said the BJP is confident that India will become a US$5 trillion economy before 2024, addressing party workers in the Taligao Assembly constituency during a full-day visit to Goa.

The whole world has changed the view of India. Goa is the sailors’ area. Ask them (the sailors), earlier when they showed an Indian passport (outside the country) what the reaction was, and what the reaction is now, Shah said. “Now, after seeing an Indian passport, there is a smile on the face of an officer from any foreign country and they say ‘You are from Modi’s country,'” he added.

Modi increased the value of the Indian passport and this was possible because the BJP won the majority (in the general elections),” the Federal Home Minister, Goans also called for giving full mandate to the ruling BJP in the assembly elections very next year.

Shah said that on a list of the Modi government’s achievements, such as providing toilets to 10 crore families, before seeking another mandate from the people (in 2024), the government would achieve the goal of providing tap water connection by one hundred percent. He said Goa would be the first state in the country to have tap water in every home.

India’s ranking has not risen after the Vajpayee government. He was in eleventh place. But Modi brought her between the fourth and fifth places. Shah said I am confident that we will achieve the dream of becoming a $5 trillion economy before 2024.

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