Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived in Goa on Saturday (October 30) ahead of next year’s lower house elections in the state. The leader of the Congress went to the fishing village of Welsau where he met the fishermen.

Addressing the fishing community, Rahul Gandhi said, “The idea of ​​this program is to talk to you people. I want to hear what is in your heart.”

The leader of the Congress party stressed that the party wants to protect the interests of Goa and protect its environment.

“We want to protect your interest. If it doesn’t help air, we don’t want you to be a coal hub,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He demanded to be treated like “a member of the family” and claimed that he would fulfill his promise. “My credibility is important. [I] said the leader of the Congress party.

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He further claimed that the election manifesto is a “guarantee” and noted that the Congress had waived Chhattisgarh’s agricultural loans, as they had promised.

Rahul Gandhi promised to work for environmental protection in Goa and said, “My mother comes here when she is sick. She benefits from your beautiful sea. We protect the environment of Goa and India.”

The conference leader further stated that a balance must be struck between development and the environment.

“Whether it’s a hotel or everything, balance [is needed] Between development and environment, Rahul Gandhi said, “A clean environment is your right, [and] The government’s duty is to protect your right.”

He further claimed that Congress will work for development for all, adding that government “should not be in the interest of one or two big businessmen.”

Later, Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to meet with senior party leaders from the state.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit is significant as Congress prepares to contest a majority of seats in the upcoming state legislature elections.

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