With the Hozabad segment by-election approaching, the TRS, BJP and Congress are marching with full force on their political campaign for the seats.

Although there are 30 candidates in the fray after withdrawals and rejections by the Election Commission, it is a three-way battle in subsidiary stadiums, scheduled for October 30, due to Rajinder’s dismissal as minister for land-grabbing. Results will be announced on November 2.

BJP national leader Muralidhar Rao on Sunday criticized the AKP’s leadership for “family rule”.

He campaigned with BJP candidate Itala Rajender in Purnapali in Hozabad. Speaking on the occasion, he called for people to abolish the “family rule” from the TRS.

Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was accused of indulging in corruption and family rule. He dismayed that although the state of Telangana has achieved for some reasons, the TRS has failed to fulfill the aspirations of the people. Muralidhar Rao said the statehood goals were abolished under the KCR rule as only his family members benefited.

Rajinder criticized the KCR government for moving ministers and officials into the sector to attract voters. He said they spend a lot of money to stifle my voice in the council.

KCR does not like to see my face in the assembly and seeks to kill me, he said, adding that TRS would lose in the election.

In his escalation against the BJP government’s “anti-people policies” at the centre, Finance Minister Harish Rao criticized the center for the hike in fuel and gas surcharges.

We will develop this part as the BJP candidate fails to decide what he will do if elected. Why would voters support the BJP, is it to raise fuel and gas prices.”

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