The accused also described the victim as firewood. (Picture of Representation: News18/File)

The police arrested the five suspects involved in the alleged incident.

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Police said a 25-year-old woman was beaten to death with a hot iron chain by an exorcist and some of her relatives during an exorcism ritual to “liberate her from the influence of an angry deity” in Gujarat’s Devbhumi Dwarka district. Thursday.

Inspector BB Gadvi said the police have arrested the five suspects involved in the alleged incident on Wednesday. According to the flight information, the victim Ramila Solanki and her husband Vala, who were residents of Arambhada village of Mithapore Taluka, had gone down to Okhamadi village near Dwarka town to celebrate Benpratri.

“When the victim suddenly started shivering and acting as if she was possessed, the exorcist Ramesh Solanki told others to hit her in order to free her from the influence of the angry deity. He warned that Ramila would kill everyone if they did not beat her. The accused started stigmatizing her with wood,” the official said.

The accused then allegedly took turns crushing the victim with a hot iron chain, and eventually killing her, he said. Acting on a complaint filed by the victim’s husband, the police arrested Ramesh Solanki, the woman’s relatives Arjun Solanki, Versi Solanki, Manu Solanki and Bhavesh Solanki for the murder.

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