RP Sanjiv Goenka Group and CVC Capital have won the race to own new teams in the Indian Premier League. In Dubai on Monday. The Cricket In India Board of Control has evaluated at least 20 bids before deciding on RPSG Group and CVC Capital as new owners. (more cricket news)


According to the BCCI release, RPSG (backed by Sanjeev Goenka, who co-owned Rising Pune Supergiant for two seasons) and venture capitalists CVC Capital, paid Rs 7,090 crore and Rs 5,625 crore, respectively, as licensing fees to own the teams for the 10-year period. The bid of the Adani group was 5,100 crore.

RP Sanjiv Goenka Group will be based in Lucknow while CVC Capital will be based in Ahmedabad.

From 2022, the IPL will have 10 teams. This is not the first time, the IPL is played between 10 teams. The 2011 model will follow from next season and that means an additional 14 games from the current number of 60.

Nine teams appeared in the 2013 edition of the IPL and a total of 76 matches were played. Additional teams and matches also mean a financial reward for BCCI through additional money from broadcast rights, estimated at $5 billion for the next five-year cycle starting in 2023.

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Sourav Ganguly, President of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who was present when the new teams were announced, said he is looking forward to the IPL 2022.

“It is encouraging to see the inclusion of two new teams with such a high rating, and it reaffirms the strength of cricket and the financial strength of our cricket ecosystem. In accordance with the IPL’s motto of ‘Where Talent Meets Opportunity’, the inclusion of two new teams will bring more cricketers in,” Ganguly said. local people from our country to the world stage.

“The ITT process involved two interested bidders from outside India, which strongly underscores the global appeal of the IPL as a sporting property. The IPL is proving to be a great tool in the globalization of cricket. I am very much looking forward to IPL 2022,” the former India captain added.

Meanwhile, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who hails from Gujarat, is delighted to see the IPL team from his state. “The IPL has set gold standards for leagues around the world and remains a distinguished event in the sporting calendar as it has grown rapidly in a short period.

“Despite the many challenges posed by the Covid-19 virus, seasons 13 and 14 have been completed, and the bids have proven that interested parties have confidence in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its hosting capabilities. I am happy for the people of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat because the long wait is over and it will be They now have their own IPL team.”

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