Amid allegations of attempted extortion by NCB District Administrator Sameer Wankedi and others in connection with a cruise drug case in which the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan, the Narcotics Enforcement Bureau (NCB) was arrested in an affidavit filed before a special court here on the date said on Monday, Wankedi and other officers have an impeccable service record. Earlier in the day, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and Wankhede filed affidavits with the Special Court, which is assigned to hear cases related to the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), against the allegations of extortion attempts made against them.

In the affidavit, DEA and Wankhede asked the court to order that the court should not take note of the affidavit prepared by the independent witness, Prabhakar Seal. According to the National Central Bank and the district director, the allegations made by Seal were merely an attempt to create obstacles and thwart the investigation into the case.

It has been categorically asserted that the National Central Bank, as an organization and/or its officers, the District Administrator, who has an impeccable record of service, full of honesty and integrity, has absolutely no interest whatsoever as erroneously alleged in the purported affidavit (of the witness) and the Countering Agency said drugs. The National Commercial Bank headed by the District Manager and his team have been working tirelessly with the sole aim of eliminating the drug menace in the city of Mumbai and working in accordance with the objectives and subject matter of this stringent legislation (NDPS Act), to make the city property free of charge he added.

The agency added that at such a point, the witnesses’ allegations were an attempt to tamper and obstruct an ongoing investigation, and therefore strict action should be taken against the witness. It added that the affidavit/request was made by the agency in the interest of justice and to avoid defamation and defamation of an independent and reputable agency by unscrupulous elements intending to further their own interests.

Judge VV Patil adjudicated the applications and refused to pass any blanket order. On Sunday, Prabhakar Seal, the independent witness in the case, claimed in a statement to the media that an official of the National Central Bank and other persons, including the fugitive witness K.P. Gosavi, asked them for Rs 25 crore, to release Aryan Khan in drug case.

Sail told the media that he overheard Gosavi telling one of Sam D’Souza over the phone about an order of Rs 25 crore and “settlement at Rs 18 crore as they have to give Rs 8 crore to Samir Wankedi”. Seal has said he will soon release evidence to support his claim.

Aryan Khan and 19 others have been arrested so far in the case. Aryan is currently incarcerated in Arthur’s Road Jail.


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