Sanjay Dutt’s close friend Paresh Gillani, who is cast as Kamlesh Kapasi aka Kamili in ‘Sanju’, made his debut on social media, a week after the release of the actor’s biopic.

Kamli, who was based on Ghailani, was played by Vicky Kaushal to Ranbir Kapoor’s Dutt.

Ghailani wrote an emotional open letter on Instagram, in which he said he was overwhelmed with “limitless feelings” after seeing Rajkumar Hirani’s film directed by.

“After watching ‘Sanju’ I was numb, numbed with boundless feelings. I just wanted to hug him, hold him and cry. I cried endlessly for the years we stood and watched this rollercoaster called life and the irreversible loss of a loved one.. .

“To the mistakes we can’t undo, to the strength we find nowhere else but in each other,” he wrote, adding that after so many years away from social media, he finally gave in to her embrace.

Al Ghailani said the world now “shares our story” and the story of the man “who made me a part of it and taught me how to wake up after every fall.”

“There were moments when I lived out my own life…on screen.” Sanju is all that defines the essence of friendship…

“Our friendship has been exhilarating and capricious and unruly and rewarding.. our journey has often been mired in doubt and doubt, wondering whether we will come to the end or fall into the maze of tragedy and controversy. But here we are united. Unbreakable and ready for life.”

“Look at the flaws, the women, the differences, I love you and now I can share it with everyone,” he added.

Kaushal also took to Twitter to welcome Ghailani on social media.

The actor wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen! My real Kamali is at home! Please welcome @impareshghelani on Twitter. Big hug Tiger! #sanju.”


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