Skymet Weather, India’s only private weather forecasting agency, has launched a new mobile app that will enable users to check real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) values, PM 2.5 and PM 10 values ​​for more than 400 locations across India, a company spokesperson said. .

Based on data on a specific location, the app will also provide warnings, historical (hourly and weekly), forecast data for project managers, and personalized health recommendations. skymetAQI app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The mobile application allows users to view various parameters that contribute to the AQI values ​​in real time for their location. They can compare the data and understand these values ​​in the 24 hour, 7 day and month time frame. Skymet Weather already has more than 400 outdoor air quality sensors installed at various locations in the country. The data collected is streamed directly on its website.

Air pollution is the biggest threat in Delhi/NCR during winter. Skymet AQI will also help residents plan their daily routines in accordance with advisory recommendations such as face mask, air purification, outdoor activities, exercise and ventilation.

These tips can help people plan their exercise routine and plan the route based on traffic and pollution. The app also provides temperature, precipitation and humidity data for over 50 locations in Delhi NCR.

“Being pioneers in the weather sector, we also aim to provide better air quality solutions for everyone. This move will enable people to take precautionary measures according to pollution levels and keep their dear ones safe. We have also enabled API integration for companies aiming to keep stakeholders safe. Informed. We believe our small steps can make a big difference this winter.” said Yogesh Patel, CEO of Skymet Weather.

Skymet Weather is one of the largest weather monitoring and agricultural hazards solutions company in India. Founded in 2003, Skymet manages its digital weather forecasting models and provides a suite of weather-based services through data and information tools.

Innovation is used to provide weather forecasts to energy companies, media conglomerates, and innovation services to farmers, agricultural input producers and logistics operators. It has pioneered the uses of long-range monsoon weather forecasts, satellite remote sensing technologies and unmanned aerial vehicles in India.

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