Private bus driver Jebi, from the town of Mundakayam here, was stuck in traffic when he received news that his house – the fruit of 27 years of hard work – had been washed away by the raging waters of the Manimala River, the images of which are now viral. Social media.

The pictures show the two-storey house slowly leaning back as the mud beneath was gradually washed away by the raging muddy waters of Manilalayar until it hit the river which immediately swept it away leaving no trace, save for a wide gap where it dwelt and the family of four once stood.

The Manimala River originates in the Muthuvara Hills in the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala. Besides losing every household item and other talent, which would have sentimental value, which they had accumulated over the years, the family also lost all important documents, such as their rations and Aadhaar cards, as well as over Rs 2 lakh in cash that were kept in the house For the purpose of marrying their youngest daughter.

However, according to Gibby, someone stole the money from his wife’s purse after she collapsed from the shock of seeing their house swept before her eyes. They were left with nothing but clothes on their backs, said the couple – Gibe and Pushpa – to the news channels who arrived at the scene after the house collapsed into the river.

One of their neighbors made the video when he saw the house slowly lose its grip on the side of the road and lean back into the river, before finally crashing into it. Now the couple and their youngest daughter live with a relative. Their eldest daughter is married.

“We have to start from scratch now. We won’t be able to do this without government help. They said: We are grateful that we are alive. However, Pushpa still cannot bear to lose their home which I thought was safe and secure.”

We thought it was safe. So did our neighbors and, accordingly, 25-30 people gathered in our house when it was raining heavily. Then we heard some noises and quickly got out and closed all the doors. But within half an hour of that, the house fell into the river and we were swept away with everything we had,” she said. The Qatyam district administration, in an official statement, said 62 houses were completely destroyed, and 161 houses were partially destroyed by the heavy rains that swept the state. She added. Damage assessment is underway, but preliminary results indicated that most of the destruction occurred in Kanjirapali taluk district with 62 houses completely destroyed and 143 partially destroyed.16 houses were partially destroyed in Mainachil taluk and one house partially destroyed in Changansiri taluk, she added.


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