The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has disputed the bail request for sacked Mumbai policeman Sachin Vaz, who was arrested by the Central Agency in the Antalya bomb scare case and the death of businessman Mansukh Hiran earlier this year.

Vaze is seeking three months of house arrest instead of being put in prison after heart bypass surgery. However, his petition was opposed by the National Intelligence Agency in the lower court and opposed in the higher court as well. Vaze is currently imprisoned in Taloja prison in Navi Mumbai.

The 29-page affidavit filed in response to Vaze’s plea by attorney Sandesh Patel, who represents the National Intelligence Agency, stated, “The petitioner cannot claim de facto that the Taloja prison authorities are not well equipped with adequate medical facilities. In fact, The petitioner accused of being a former police officer who is well acquainted with the state government run hospitals associated with prisons in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area, such as Sir JJ Hospitals Group, St George Hospital, etc. The specialties are state-run and equipped with modern medical facilities and a team of highly trained doctors in various specialties, and the aforementioned hospital is fully equipped with a prison wing that has sufficient security.”

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The affidavit added: “The accused petitioner at this stage without any medical emergency cannot claim the benefit of house arrest, without any convincing basis let alone one based on the alleged conjectures and conjectures. Hence, based on this, the petitioner may be kindly submitted to the accused petitioner. unacceptable “.

She added that since the NIA investigation is still ongoing in the case, “if any house arrest is granted, it will be the same as granting temporary bail to the petitioner’s defendant which could cause significant harm and irreparable loss to the prosecution’s case.” fairness and justice in the present case. This impartial court is to take into account the seriousness and seriousness of the crimes involved in this case. The crimes committed by the accused prosecutor are very serious in nature.”

Reiterating their opposition to Vaze’s request, the agency said, “If any house arrest (custodial) is granted to the petitioner, there is a high probability that the said accused will escape the jurisdiction of that honor’, and will manipulate prosecution witnesses, including protected witnesses who allegedly were of his followers because the accused prosecutor is a very influential person.”

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Vaze’s attorney Ronak Naik and Arti Kalikar disputed the NIA’s response and said it was not talking about Vaze’s current medical condition. Naik argued that Vaze was taken to JJ Hospital at least twice because he was not doing well in the prison hospital inside Taloja. The department board of Judges Nitin Jamdar and SV Kotwal asked Naik to attach the latest medical reports on Vaze if he can purchase from the civil hospital.

The court postponed the petition to November 18, with the freedom to move the leave seat in the event of an urgent hearing.

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