Outside court on Tuesday, Malik continued his sermon against Wankedi and brought a new set of allegations, including illegal phone tapping, against him, while the wife of an IRS officer came out in support of her husband, who landed in New Delhi and. He visited the headquarters of the National Central Bank, where he spent more than two hours, and in another development related to the cruise drug case, the NDPS Special Court, released on bail two of the accused arrested in the case – Manish Rajaria and Avin Sahu. They are the only defendants released on bail so far in the highly publicized case, in which 20 people, including Aryan Khan, have been arrested since the alleged drug seizure on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai early this month.

In the High Court of Justice, attorneys for Aryan Khan Rohatgi and Satish Manishinde argued before Judge NW Sambre that the DEA had no evidence against him. Aryan Khan has also distanced himself from allegations of extortion attempts against Wankedi, who oversaw the raid on the ship on 2 October. “Arian has absolutely no complaints against any NCB officer, including District Administrator Sameer Wankedi. Aryan does not care about these hateful controversies. Senior lawyer Rohatgi told the court that he completely denies any connection to this matter.

The lawyer said the NCB and Wankhede said on Monday that the allegations of extortion were part of a retaliation for a political leader whose son-in-law had been arrested by the central bank in the past. But today, the NCB is putting this on Aryan Khan and says he is tampering with witnesses. “This affects my client’s condition,” Rohatgi argued.

He claimed that the “legislative intent” behind the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), under which Aryan Khan and others were arrested, was to reform cases involving small amounts of narcotics. He added that the law aims to treat juveniles as victims and not as defendants. Rohatgi added that Aryan Khan is “a young boy with no precedents”.

“Section 64A of the law provides immunity for people accused of possession of small amounts. If those people agree to be sent to rehabilitation, this should be allowed. Aryan’s case is not even possession or consumption,” Rohatgi said, adding that he could not be held responsible for the allegations. Possession of another person’s drugs.The 23-year-old was wrongly arrested and held in prison for more than 20 days, he said.

He added that the case was exaggeratedly blown up by some people who had special interests and the media was interested in it because of some hateful disagreements, otherwise it was a simple case. “There is no evidence of drug abuse, no drug recovery, and absolutely no evidence to prove his involvement in the so-called conspiracy and abetting as alleged by the NCB,” said Rohatgi.

After Rohatgi completed his pleadings, the Supreme Court said it will continue to hear the bail claims of co-defendants Arbaaz Merchant and Mon Damicha on Wednesday and will also hear the arguments of Additional General Counsel Anil Singh, an attorney at the National Central Bank, on Wednesday. The judge said.

During his pleading, Rohatgi noted that Aryan did not undergo any medical examination to prove that he had actually taken drugs, the chief lawyer attacked the order of the NDPS Special Law Court to refuse to release Aryan Khan on bail on the grounds because he knew that his friend Arbaaz Merchant was using drugs and therefore Aryan was guilty , at first glance, with “conscious possession”.

Rohatgi said that the National Commercial Bank wrongly relied on Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chats as they were not related to the current case. Chats with some random people, including some foreigners about drugs. He said this was related to alleged consumption in the past.

Rohatgi said Aryan Khan himself had not boarded the ship at the time of his arrest. Aryan Khan was arrested on 3 October along with his friend Arbaaz Merchant and model Dhamecha by the National Central Bank, among others. While Aryan and Merchant are now imprisoned in Arthur Road Prison, Damicha is in Pichola Women’s Prison.

A special court for cases of hazardous and noxious substances had refused to release them on bail. Earlier in the day, the National Central Bank opposed Aryan Khan’s bail plea in an affidavit filed with UNHCR, claiming that he is not only a drug consumer, but also involved in the illegal drug trade.

The agency said an initial investigation revealed that Aryan Khan had been purchasing medicines from Arbaaz Merchant and had been in contact with “some people abroad who appear to be part of the international drug network”. The affidavit further stated that although Aryan Khan had not recovered the drugs, he had “participated in the plot”. Malik on Tuesday accused Wankhede of illegal phone tapping and said he would deliver a letter about the IRS officer’s crimes to the head of the National Central Bank.

Malik, who was targeting Wankidi after his brother-in-law was arrested in a separate drug case, said that Sameer Wankidi, through two people in Mumbai and Thane, illegally intercepts some people’s cell phones. Malik claimed that Wankheed had sought to obtain a call detail record (CDR) of a family member from the police.

The Secretary of State said he is transmitting a letter written by someone at the National Commercial Bank about various illegal activities of Wankhede to the agency’s director general, SN Pradhan. She works within the DEA.

Malik said he also provided a copy of the letter to Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray, the state home ministry and to current and former Congress presidents, an NCP ally and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. The veteran politician alleged that Wankedi sought to obtain CDR for his daughter.

On what basis is Wankidi seeking to obtain the report of the Council for Development and Reconstruction of my daughter? I think Wankedi goes beyond the limits. He said I would expose those people involved in wiretapping with evidence. Malik claimed on Monday that Wankedi is Muslim by birth. The minister had released what he claimed was Wankedi’s birth certificate and claimed that the latter had forged documents.

However, the father of the central bank official later said that his name was Dnyandev and not David, as Malik claimed. Malik said on Tuesday, “I have all the original documents that prove that Samir Wankheed was born into a Muslim family, but he falsified his identity and sought a job under the scheduled caste category. According to the law, Dalits who converted to Islam do not get the quota privilege, thus Samir Wankidi was denied a job. Opportunity to work for a real person from the timeline layer.

The minister alleged that Wankedi and some of his colleagues were involved in some “extortion”. In response to Malik’s letter, Deputy General Manager of the National Commercial Bank Mutha Ashok Jain said that they will take the necessary measures in this regard.

Addressing the media on the outskirts of Andheri, Wankidi’s wife Kranti Redkar came out with strong support for her husband and said they are receiving threatening calls, facing vicious online phishing and living in fear as she rejected the allegations made by Malik. Redkar, the actress, described her husband as an honest government official and also refuted allegations of attempted extortion made by a central bank witness in the Mumbai cruise drug case overseen by Wankedi. “Honestly duty for the past 15 years. Samir is not associated with any political party, he is an employee of the central government and doing his job, some people have a problem with his work because of everything (controversy related to allegations against Wankedi).”

“People who are against Samir are threatening us, saying they will burn us and kill our family, but the police have provided us with security, and they are taking good care of us,” Redcar said. In response to a question about the series of allegations made by Malik to Wankhede, she said that the Minister of State made his allegations on social media and not before a court of law.

Minister Nawab Malik put allegations against us on Twitter, and Twitter is not a court. If Malik files allegations against Sameer in court and if all allegations are proven, then the person alone becomes a criminal. “Media trials cannot help him,” Redcar said. Sameer was born and I am Hindu. We never converted to any other religion. We respect all religions. Sameer’s father, too, is a Hindu who married a Muslim woman… She is no longer my mother-in-law any more,” she said.

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