Prison authorities said Aryan Khan will not be released from prison on Friday because the submission of his release papers to Arthur Road Jail’s bail fund exceeded the 5:30 p.m. deadline. CNN News 18. Aryan will now not be released from prison until after 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, once the legal procedures are completed. On Thursday, the Bombay High Court released on bail Aryan Khan in a Mumbai drug seizure case in which a DEA team raided a cruise off the Mumbai coast on October 3 and detained Shahrukh Khan’s son, among others.

The court released the terms of Aryan’s release on Friday evening, which included a guarantee of Rs 1 lakh and a temporary ban on leaving the country. However, prison authorities told CNN-News18 that they “cannot be seen giving preferential treatment” as bail orders have already been collected in other cases.

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Arthur Road Jail manager told CNN-News late in the evening that the order for Aryan Khan’s release had not yet been signed, and that the bail box would then open at 5:30 a.m., but that the release of prisoners would not take place until after 9:30 Saturday morning.

Actor Juhi Chawla, who signed a Rs 1 lakh guarantee bond for Aryan Khan earlier, said the family has a sense of relief now. When asked if Aryan Khan will be released today or tomorrow, she said she does not know.

We will not give special treatment to anyone. The law is the same for everyone. The last date for receiving the bail papers was 5:30 pm. It has passed. “He will not be released today,” an official told PTI.

The prison official’s confirmation came even as there were indications from Ariane’s legal team that a slight delay until 7 p.m. “was possible,” TAP reported.

While granting Arian bail Thursday in a drug case on a ship, the Bombay High Court imposed 14 conditions on him to release him on bail, paving the way for his release from prison.

In the five-page order, the Supreme Court said that Aryan Khan and his two co-accused Arbaaz Merchant and Mun Demicha, who were also released on bail, will be released on personal bail of one lakh rupees each on one or two bonds. of the same amount.

Under conditions set by the Supreme Court, the trio will have to surrender their passports before the NDPS Special Court and will not leave India without the permission of the Special Court and they will have to attend the National Central Bank office every Friday for their celebration. Presence.

The High Commissioner had released on bail Aryan Khan, 25 days after he was arrested during a drug raid on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai.

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