You should know that it is necessary to have a passport and a visa while traveling abroad. But today we are going to tell you about an Indian railway station that you cannot enter without a valid Pakistani visa. Yes, you read that correctly. If you do not hold a Pakistani visa, you may also land behind bars.

This is the only railway station in India, where it is supposed to hold a Pakistani visa to enter its premises.

According to reports, no Indian is allowed to enter Atari Shyam Singh Railway Station. To enter the railway station, one must hold a valid Pakistani visa. If security officials find you without a passport and visa, you will be sent behind bars.

If you are arrested by security personnel inside Atari Shyam Singh Railway Station without a visa, you will be detained under Section 14 of the Aliens Act. It takes years to get bail if the seizure is made under this law.

The Atari Shyam Singh Railway Station is located in the Amritsar district of Punjab and is the same station as the Samjhauta Express stops.

According to Atari Shyam Singh Railway Station officials, no Indian is allowed to enter the terminal buildings without a visa as Pakistani trains leave from this station. To prevent any kind of unwanted incident, the station is heavily guarded by armed security personnel and has several levels of screening. The railway station is also under surveillance 24*7.

If you are taking a train from Atari Cheam Singh Station, remember to keep your luggage light as no porter is allowed into the terminal building. Once you are inside the terminal, you are provided with facilities equivalent to an international airport.

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