Ahead of the monsoon season in Madhya Pradesh, two days of unseasonal rains have wreaked havoc in the state. The rains completely destroyed the rice crops while the mustard crop which was to be planted in the Gwalior-Chambal district was severely damaged.

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Farmers are already grappling with soaring fuel prices and fertilizer shortages in the state.

Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has ordered surveys so that the extent of the damage can be assessed. Syaram Patidar, a farmer from Ratipad, said that even a few days ago, his perennial crops were thriving, but now the entire crop was drowned out by the heavy rains of the past two days. But the harvest would now be costly, Batidar said, and that land that would normally have given 18 quintals would only provide a maximum of 12 quintals.

After a long hiatus, torrential rain fell on the state last Saturday and Sunday. “We have worked hard for the past six months, but the rains on Sunday night spoiled everything,” said Manohar Patidar, another farmer from the area.

The middle-aged farmer said he had a good harvest this year but within a few hours, it was completely destroyed. Gwalior-Chambal, which has borne the brunt of the floods this year, once again saw torrential rains that destroyed crops in the area at the weekend.

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One of the affected areas, Sheopur, saw torrential rain of about six inches in ten hours. The area witnessed the destruction of the Kharif crops and now the new rains have dashed their remaining hopes of destroying the soybean and mustard crops.

Sukhwinder Singh, a farmer from Sheopur, said that Paddy was not ready and it was all over for the crop, and claimed that they were still waiting for compensation for the August floods.

However, the Shivraj government promised farmers compensation in the hour of crisis and ordered surveys to be carried out in the affected areas.

Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said, “The non-seasonal rains have damaged crops in some areas, but there is no need for farmers to worry as we have ordered surveys and the damages will be compensated.”

We will make sure that farmers get the benefits of crop insurance. “We have ordered the collectors to videotape and assess the damage to existing crops and crops due to the early rainfall,” Agriculture Minister Kemal Patel announced on Tuesday.

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