As Delhi Police began removing barricades at two farmers’ protest sites – Tekri and Gazipur – farmers’ union leaders on Friday said the move justified their position that they had not blocked roads at the city’s border points. As Delhi Police began removing barricades at two farmers’ protest sites – Tekri and Gazipur – farmers’ union leaders on Friday said the move justified their position that they had not blocked roads at the city’s border points.

Farm leaders said any decision to completely clear the two roads at protest sites would be made by Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), an umbrella group of more than 40 farmers’ unions protesting the center’s farm laws. But they said the road would be cleared for traffic in the coming days.

The Delhi police’s decision comes days after a Supreme Court hearing that saw farmers’ unions hold the police responsible for the blockade of the city’s borders. The roads have been closed by police, not farmers, officials of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), adding that they are “re-opening as per the directions of the High Court”.

In light of the removal of barriers at the border protest site in Gazipur, BKU leader Rakesh Teket said the future course of the farmers’ ongoing protest would be decided by Samyukta Kisan Morcha, who is leading the movement against the three farm laws. Chief Farmer and SKM member Darshan Pal said false allegations were made against farmers that they had blocked roads, which we rejected from day one.

At the Singo border, Bale said, farmers occupied the part of the road that had already been closed to traffic due to the construction of an overpass. Now, the practice of removing barricades by the police clearly demonstrates our view that it was the police who closed the roads, not the farmers. We did not create any problem. Pal told PTI that any congestion on our part will also be cleared from traffic.

He added that any decision to clear both roads or walk towards Delhi would be taken by SKM. So far, there is no invitation to go to Delhi. Pal said any future course of action would be decided at a meeting of Samyukt Kisan Morcha.

Thousands of farmers have camped at the three border points – Tekri, Singu and Gazipur – to protest the center’s three farm laws since November 26, 2020. While the protesting farmers have been claiming the three laws enacted last year are against their interest, the center says these legislation is pro-farmers.

Delhi Police Thursday evening began removing barricades and barbed wire they had put up at the site of a protest against anti-farm laws at the Tekri border on the Delhi-Rottak highway. Similar measures began in Gazipur, on the border between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, on Friday morning. Farmers leader and representative of Rastriya Kisan Majdoor Sabha, Abhimanyu Kohar, said the decision to remove the barriers has proved the stand of farmers and will ease border traffic.

Over the past 11 months, we’ve said that farmers have never blocked roads simply because we are protesting against farm laws. Today we proved right. Kohar said it was good that traffic was now able to move at the border. Sudesh Goyat, another farmer leader in Tekri border and a member of SKM, has accused Delhi Police of obstructing the movement of vehicles.

In February, a farmers’ protest at the Tekri border gave way to an ambulance, but it had to turn back because the Delhi police had blocked the road, she claimed. We are happy that the roadblocks have been removed and the traffic will now be able to move. Goyat said it would also help revive the economy here as petrol pumps and stores that were shut down for 11 months due to road closures would start working again.

Farmer leaders also hoped that the center would invite farmers for dialogue to break the deadlock on farm laws. BKU spokesperson Saurabh Upadhyay said the farmers want to go to Delhi but SKM will take the final call.

If the government wants to end the stalemate, it should talk to the farmers now and we are ready for that. But if the farmers’ movement wants to continue, we are intent on prolonging it as it has been 11 months since the protests began, Obadiai told PTI. On October 21, the Supreme Court said farmers had a right to protest and was not against it even when a legal challenge against the three farm laws is pending, but they cannot close roads “indefinitely,” a remark that came amid a blame game between Center and farmers’ unions.

While the farmers’ unions claimed that the police were responsible for the blockade of the Delhi border as it suited them to allow a feeling in the minds of the citizens that the farmers were blocking the road, the center claimed there was a slanted purpose behind the protests. .

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