A 29-year-old man has been arrested in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly kidnapping an on-duty traffic policeman who had stopped him to check his car documents, officials said. He suspected that the car was stolen and the accused asked the traffic policeman to enter the car to see the documents, but he forcibly moved him more than 10 kilometers before throwing him near a police station, they said.

A police spokesman said accused Sachin Rawal stole Maruti Swift Dzire from a showroom in Gurgaon, Haryana state two years ago under the pretext of taking the car for a test ride. He noted that Rawal, who lives in the village of Gudi Pashida in Greater Noida, had put a fake number plate on his car, the number of which was identical to a car owned by a resident of his village.

The official said the traffic police on Sunday morning started a vehicle inspection campaign in Surajpur where Rawal’s car was intercepted for investigation following his statement that he was in a stolen car. Traffic policeman Virendra Singh had asked Rawal to show documents related to the vehicle. Rawal asked him to get into the car and produce electronic copies of the documents he claimed were on his mobile phone. However, Rawal closed the car as soon as the policeman sat inside and took off. The police spokesman said that he later dumped the wrecked substance near the Ajayapur Chokki police and sped away.

The FIR was filed at Surajpur Police Station on Monday under sections IPC 364 (Kidnapping), 353 (Assault or Criminal Force to Deter a Public Official from the Performance of Duty) and 368 (Concealment or Unlawfully Keeping in Custody, Kidnapping or Kidnapping) and it said Police said the suspect was arrested later that day. They added that the car used in the crime was also seized.


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