Captain Amarinder Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab and veteran Congress Party leader, has upset many feathers recently after claiming that he was setting up his own party and that he will run in the upcoming elections next year from the same seat as his opponent, Punjab. Chairman of the Pradesh Congress Committee Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Singh had previously publicly criticized the Congress for its “humiliation” and called Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra “inexperienced”. Amid talk of Singh’s future plans and speculation about a possible alliance with the BJP, familiar talk has once again surfaced that may not bode well for the captain’s plans. This is not related to his political career but to his personal life with his old friend and Pakistani journalist Arosa Alam.

Last week saw the nation hastily Google “who is Arosa Alam” after the Punjab minister claimed that Alam, who is known to be a good friend of Singh, had links to the ISI in Pakistan. Shadowy’s rumors about her alleged closeness to the captain and the role she played in important political decisions led to the tour to the extent that both Singh and Awareness responded by explaining that the duo were just friends and that the controversy was an attempt to harm Singh by him. critics.

But who is the bride of science? What is its relationship to India and Amarinder Singh? Here’s what we know.

Who is the bride of science?

Arosa Alam is a Pakistani defense journalist known to be a close friend of the former Congress leader and Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh. She works as a Defense Analyst for the Urdu magazine “Jung” and is well known in the elite civil defense circles in Pakistan. Apart from being a famous journalist not only in Pakistan but all over South Asia, Alam also comes from a family of high repute. She is the daughter of Akhim Akhtar, also known as “Rani Jibral” who was a confidant of former Pakistani dictator General Yahya Khan. Akhtar was once one of the most powerful women in Pakistan. Her son is a famous actor, singer and artist in the country.

What is the connection to the world in India?

Allam came to India for the first time in 2005 as part of the Journalists programme, during which she also met Captain Amarinder Singh, who was at the time serving his first term as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Punjab (2002-2007). Since then, she has been a regular face in the country’s political and media circles. She soon became an important figure in Punjab’s political and elite circles with several congressional leaders and businessmen vying for her time. 2005 onwards, he visited Alam India several times and recently Singh claimed to have been sponsoring Alam visa for 16 years.

What are Alam’s connections with Singh?

Reportedly, Alam and Singh first met in 2004 when Singh visited Pakistan. The Pakistani journalist is said to have become close to the former Punjab leader during his second term. (from 2017 to 2021) He is said to have become part of Singh’s small and exclusive clique of ministers, influential people including lawmakers and bureaucrats, India said today.

However, there were rumors of Alam’s alleged friendship with Singh even before 2017, most notably in 2007 prior to the legislative election campaign (the Akali Dal-BJP alliance went on to win the election). At that time, Sukhbir Singh Badal of Shiromani Akali Dal told reporters about the friendship between Alam and Singh and even alleged that Singh had given her expensive gifts. The allegations have never been proven. After the elections, Singh Alam was introduced to the media for the first time during a private interaction at his sister’s house. Since then, Allam has been regularly employed by Singh’s company.

Alam was reportedly a VIP guest during Singh’s swearing-in ceremony. She even attended the release of Singh’s biography ‘Maharaja of the People’ in 2017, which included a chapter on his relationship with Alam.

Why is a scientist in the news now?

Alam is back in the spotlight after Singh was ousted as Punjab chief minister and resigned from the Congress party earlier this month. Amid reports of Singh floating his party and speculation about a possible alliance with the BJP ahead of next year’s state legislature elections, Alam Stories are starting to do the rounds again. Several former aides and politicians close to Aide have raised questions about Allam and her ties to Pakistani military intellectuals.

It all started when Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, a loyal former captain and current Deputy Chef Minister in Punjab, accused Alam of having links with the ISI and stated that the links needed to be investigated.

A day after Randhawa’s accusations, the wife of Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu, Navjot Kor Siddhu, claimed that no jobs were posted in Punjab Police without first paying Alam, adding that the latter had “run away” with all the money.

Another minister in the Punjab government, Razia Sultana, also shared pictures of Alam and raised several allegations against her.

What did Singh say and learn in response to the controversy?

After the controversy, Singh responded by sharing photos of the pain with many famous and political figures including veteran Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi and BJP leaders like former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. After posting the photo series, Singh asked if all these people are also related to ISI.

On the other hand, Allam also responded to the controversy linking her to ISI. Speaking to Indian Express, Allam described the allegations as “ridiculous”.

Responding to allegations of her alleged “special” relationship with Singh, Allam dismissed the reports and said that she and Singh are “soulmates” and not lovers.

“We were buddies. When I first met him, I was 56 and he was about 66. At that age, she’s not looking for lovers. We were friends, mates and soul mates,” India Today quoted her as saying.

In response to allegations that she is a Pakistani spy, Allam said that she regularly came to India after obtaining visas through legitimate channels and said that if she did indeed have links to the ISI, then all those who let her in in the past 16 years were traitors.

She even referred to the Captain’s loyalists-turned-critics and now-turned-loyalities as “a group of hyenas” who rose to seize power.

What could the controversy mean to Captain Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh is trying to present himself as a serious player against Congressman Navjot Singh Sidhu in the upcoming elections in Punjab. Earlier in October, Singh resigned from Congress after being replaced as Punjab CM by Charanjit Singh Channi in the midst of an ongoing public altercation with Sidhu. The captain’s popularity and influence in the state may be a major factor in determining the poll results next year, and reports suggest that news of Singh’s launch of a new party may have caused some rumors about his personal life and calls for an investigation into his friend Alam. It remains to be seen how it affects Singh’s future political plans in the state.

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