There was no shortage of Aaron Rodgers’ viral moments during the Green Bay quarterback’s time in the NFL.

Both for off-field exploitation, commercials, and for him on the field, Rodgers sure knows how to make headlines. Thursday’s week eight game against the Cardinals was no different.

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Rodgers received a late blow that was eventually called intimidating bystanders against the Cardinals, which led to this picture of Rodgers’ reaction to the blow which spread very quickly.

Just before the strike, Rodgers reached out to long-time favorite Randall Cobb on the first two touchdowns of the night as the Packers upset the previously undefeated Cardinal 24-21, taking both teams to 7-1 on the season.

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Rodgers grabbed the meme immediately after the match and praised the speed of the internet and his ability to make something go viral. He even seemed to like the meme, too.

And of course, people had their own creative interpretations and reactions to the meme as well.

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And while the meme makes its rounds and truly generates conversation, the pack itself must win, too.

Green Bay left the last undefeated NFL team without wide receivers in Davante Adams and Alan Lazard, All-Pro deals with David Bakhtiari and defensive coordinator Joe Barry, among others.

Both teams are seated at 7-1 and at the top of each division.

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