During the holiday event in Pokemon GO, trainers can get a special Delibird through Tier 3 Raids.

Along with many other Pokémon who received festive accessories for this event, there is now a ribbon on Delibird’s head. Delibird can also be found in the wild, but it shouldn’t be a problem to beat this Pokemon in raids. He might be a playful fellow, but Delibird can’t handle many blows in battle.

Which Pokémon can beat Delibird the fastest?

Not only is Delibird incredibly weak (90 Defense), it has a huge weakness as well. As an Ice-type and Flying-type Pokémon, Delibird is obliterated with Rock-type moves. All Trainers really need a Rock-type cover somewhere, and even if it’s a low-cost Pokemon, Delibird should be easily defeated.

For trainers looking to get that Raid fight fast, the best Pokemon they can use against Delibird is Rampardos. With a combination of Smack Down and Rock Slide, Rampardos eliminates Delibird in 42.4 seconds.

Overall, Pokemon with Smack Down and Rock Slide combo works well against Delibird since both moves have such high DPS. Other Pokemon with these moves are Tyranitar, Terrakion (who was in the last raid hour), and Gigilath.

Trainers without a Rock-type Pokemon can definitely beat Delibird in no time, too. Ice is also weak to Fire, which means Mega Charizard Y is guaranteed to be at the top of Delibird’s raid counter ratings.

Delibird has a gift bag like Santa Claus (Image via The Pokémon Company)
Delibird has a gift bag like Santa Claus (Image via The Pokémon Company)

Electric types also deal super effective damage to Delibird. Wild Charge spammers like Electivire, Magnezone, and Mega Manetric are all great to introduce to this Raid battle.

There are also some types of steel that do good damage to Delibird. Although they tend to be more defensive, Pokemon like Metagross and Excadril have the DPS to make quick work of with this Raid boss.

Examples of common Pokemon that more Trainers might have access to that would beat Delibird are Golem, Omastar, Darmanitan, and Aggron.

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