NFL DFS players will have a few options to choose from on the main roster in Week 8. Each of the past two weeks only made 10 listings. However, in Week 8 there will be 12 games, with only two teams in the bye (Raiders, Ravens). This will make it easier for everyday fantasy footballers to find associations unique to DraftKings and FanDuel, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid stacking. It’s still a great strategy in both tournaments and cash games, as it offers squad differentiation while raising your bar in any competition.

This week is a great week for piles. It’s similar to last week’s roster in that there are a lot of strong teams facing weaker teams, and that creates some useful matches. Sometimes stacking favorite teams too much can be a risk, but when it pays off, it makes it really easy to get paid.

The most common stacks, as always, will involve pairing your quarterback with one or two of his best weapons. These are usually receivers or narrow ends, although the occasional running back can work in lap formats. However, RBs are usually paired with thrusters. After all, if your defense plays well and you win, you are also more likely to run the ball.

Traditional stacks are the safest method of stacking, but contrast stacking is great for differentiating groups. They tend to be more boom or bust, but if you like the fit between a wide receiver and defense, it can work. It’s just a little more risky.

The price of DraftKings keeps changing more than the price of FanDuel making it easier to create packages. However, stacking is still a viable strategy for FanDuel. It is only important to find worthwhile sleepers in the lower price range to balance your group.

Here are some of our favorite combos from our fellow DraftKings and FanDuel teammates this week. Make sure to follow our Twitter account Tweet embed To see all the DFS content heading to launch each week.

Week 8 NFL DFS Picks: DraftKings’ Top Cash Game Collections, FanDuel

QB Joe Burrow, WR Ja’Marr Chase, WR Tee Higgins, and Bengals at Jets (DK/FD stack)

Surprisingly, the Bengals offense has proven to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Many knew they had talented skill positions, but there were questions about the offensive line and about Jo Burrow’s health. This has been answered.

So far, the offensive line has been blocked well enough for Cincinnati. Meanwhile, Burrow looked healthy while returning from an ACL rupture. This allowed Bengals’ offense to take off and explained why they ranked in the top half of the league in most of the major offensive stat categories.

stat Numbers for each game NFL Rank
points 27 7th
total crime 369.6 13th
passing yards 262.7 twelveth

As long as Cincinnati’s attack continues to play well, you can trust them, especially in weaker encounters. The Jets were fresh from a 54-13 loss to the Patriots, so they qualify even though they gave up the second-fewest number of assists in the NFL (6). Burrow is the best quarterback New York has faced so far, and has multiple TDs in all seven of his games this year. He must get them again.

Chase has more yards than any rookie by seven games in NFL history with a 754. He’s posted two games with 30-plus points from the DraftKings in his past three games, which makes him a handy option. Meanwhile, Higgins hasn’t done much, but his five goals in the red zone lead the Bengals. He also scored a double-digit DK score in four of the five matches he played. This trio has a high ceiling versus the planes, but their floor is also high. Keep trusting Bengals until they give you a reason not to.

QB Matthew Stafford, WR Cooper Kupp, TE Tyler Higbee and Rams at Texans (DK/FD stack)

Another week, another great match for Stafford and his weapons. He hit 585 yards, seven touchdowns, and only one interception in the previous two games. Now, he must face the Texans, who have allowed 29 points per game, which is good for fifth in the NFL.

Stafford and the Rams should have had another good passing day that includes many TDs. Knowing who might get these is not difficult. Cooper Kupp leads the NFL in catches (56), receiving yards (809), and receiving TDs (9) entering Week 8. His 15 goals in the red and eight TDs in that range also lead the NFL. Indispensable with Stafford.

You can go in a few different directions with the third member of this group, but Higbee is probably the best. It’s the ninth most expensive narrow-end in DK and the 12th most expensive in FanDuel, but it has a TD. He has 11 goals in the red zone, second only to Cobb. He’s two ahead of Robert Woods, so while Woods might get more yardage, Higbee is cheaper and has a slightly higher TD. It also helps that the Texans have allowed six league-level TDs to TEs and allowed the fourth place in most DK points and the third most FD points to TEs this season. The Higbee is probably less possessive than some of the other rams and narrow ends on this list. Trusting him at a low price and ensuring that 59 percent of Rams’ red zone targets are in our squad sounds like a good move.

RB Zack Moss & Bills D/ST, Bills vs. Bills. Dolphins (DK Stack)

I know Moss isn’t the most attractive choice in DFS formats since it averages just 3.9 yards per carry, but it’s a solid, low-cost, top-of-the-line option for cash games. Moss has scored no less than 12.1 Danish points in four of his five games this season. He averaged 12.8 touches per game and scored four times per season. He’s not very explosive, but when the bills go into the red, they tend to trust him over Devin Singletary.

In fact, Moose has 17 red zones that continue into the season. That tied for a ninth place in the NFL, and Moss made those attempts in just five games. His TD is high, so going with him for just $5,200 on DraftKings seems good value.

The bill defense is the nicest part of this group. He’s scored over 17 DK points in three of his four games this year, and that includes 22 points against the Dolphins in a 35-0 win in Week Two. It was with Jacoby Brissett in QB for most of the game, but it’s worth noting that Tua Tagovailoa threw three picks and was sacked once against the Bills in Week 17 last year. It can struggle against an improved billing defense.

Week 8 of DraftKings, FanDuel’s Picks: Best GPPs Combinations / Daily Fantasy Football GPP Tournaments

QB Matt Ryan, WR Calvin Ridley, TE Kyle Pitts, Falcons vs. Panthers (DK stack)

Cheetahs are in a mess now. Their defense looked solid to start the season, but they allowed an average of 29 points per game during their four-game losing streak. This includes matches against the Eagles and the Giants in which they scored 21 and 25 points, respectively.

The Falcons are starting to play a little better in attack, so they should be able to take advantage of this place. Matt Ryan scored several TDs in five straight games, averaging the Hawks. 25.8 points during that period. Their passing attack should be good again, as Carolina’s sub has not been strong since Jesse Horne fell through injury.

Going with Ryan means we’ll go with his two best weapons. Ridley has only 281 yards this season, but has averaged 10.4 goals per game this year. He’s due for a big match and that could be a good place for one of them. As for Bates, he averaged eight times for 141 yards in the previous two games. He should continue to threaten the 100-yard mark as a receiver, and he’ll have a shot in a touchdown against the Panthers defense that has allowed three TEs this year.

The Hawks aren’t a great team, so some DFS players will walk away from them, but you can definitely make a winning lineup with these three in the fold.

QB Geno Smith, RB Alex Collins, WR DK Metcalf, Seahawks vs. Jaguars (DK/FD Stack)

There’s a lot to like about the Seahawks in Week 8. They’re taking on the Jaguars and they’ll get a chance to accumulate points against one of the weakest defenses in the NFL. Jaguars allow 412.2 yards per game this season. This is the third tier in the American Football League. They also allow 28.7 points per game, which is good for a seventh in the NFL this season.

The Seahawks might not be as strong of an offensive team without Russell Wilson, but they still have some worthwhile weapons they can use to their advantage. Notably, Metcalf must feed on the Jaguars’ defense that struggled to limit receivers in terms of catches and yards. The Jaguars allowed nine WRs to score at least 10 Fantasy Points on them, so Metcalf should be next.

It makes sense to pair the Metcalf with the low-priced Geno Smith. You could also argue that Tyler Lockett was added to the mix since the Jaguars have allowed two-digit fantasy scorers to hit the receiver in four of their six games this season. However, going with Alex Collins (or a recently activated Rashaad Penny if the Collins thigh is working again) might be the best way to get into the Seahawks’ quick attack, which they will certainly look to establish. The Jaguars allowed eight TDs to accelerate into RBs. That’s tied to the second place in the NFL despite the fact that they’ve already had a farewell week.

In short, you can play any Seahawk game on Sunday. It’s just a matter of which one you prefer. Our preferred approach involves trusting Smith, Collins and Metcalf.

RB Elijah Mitchell, WR Deebo Samuel, & 49ers D/ST, 49ers at Bears (DK/FD stack)

Kyle Shanahan may be silent about his 49er quarterback start before Week 8, but we know enough about their attack to know who their weapons will be against the Bears. Elijah Mitchell and Debo Samuel starred as the 49ers attack in a wash loss to the Colts. Mitchell totaled 107 streaming yards and scored an early goal. Samuel had seven passes for 100 yards and a point. He was the only player in the 49ers class to score more than three times during the match..

These two were the most dynamic and persistent threats in the San Francisco offensive, and both get a good match with the Bears. Chicago allowed 762 flush yards to run, the sixth most in the NFL. They also allowed 12 TD receivers for wide reception, which is more than any other team in the NFL has allowed. These stats say that Mitchell and Samuel are great playwrights, so they’re a nice contrasting group. They’re the two best offensive weapons of the 49ers with George Keitel (calf) out, after all.

Why throw in defense? Well, Bears averaged 13.4 points per game in the start that Justin Fields did. He averaged 20 interceptions per game and was sacked 20 times during that time. A few DFS players will use all three of these options, so it could be a great way to earn some high-impact squad differentiation in Week 8.

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