Empoleon can carry a team via Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but only with appropriate teammates.

There are plenty of great reasons to choose Empillion as a starter: Water and Steel is great writing. Besides, he has a powerful special attack as well as a large size and can learn Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, etc.

The game will throw some hurdles for Emplion users, that’s why they need to prepare with other Pokemon.

Which Pokémon should be paired with an Emplion?

The first thing players have to do after selecting a Piplup from Professor Rowan is to go to the turf by Verity Lakefront and pick up the Starly Star. That’s because Piplup has a huge problem looming on his second gym: Gardenia.

This gym leader uses a Grass-type Pokémon, which hits a Piplup for super effective damage. Despite this, Starly and Staravia could sweep the entire Gardenia squad. He also helps out with Maylene’s Fighting-type Gym and many other fights on the road when he becomes a Staraptor.

Upcoming Pokemon Empoleon trainers should look for Budew in the grass north of Jubilife. Trainers won’t be able to play the game with Piplup and Starly without being damaged by Electric Pokemon.

There aren’t a lot of great land species in the early ways of Sinoh, which is why Budew is a good choice here. When Budew evolves into Roserade, he can also deal with Cynthia water-type Pokemon (Milotic and Gastrodon).

When players reach Eterna City, they will finally have access to the Underground, where they will surely want to look for the Houndoom. This forms a Fire-Water-Grass core with Empoleon and Budew, all of which check each other’s weaknesses well.

Houndoom can beat both Aaron and Lucien in Elite Four (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Houndoom can beat both Aaron and Lucien in Elite Four (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Houndoom can also single-handedly beat some up-and-coming gym leaders. Fantina (Ghost-type), Byron (Steel-type) and Candice (Ice-type) are all made easy to fight with this Pokemon. Houndoom can also beat Aaron and Lucien at the Elite Four.

Also in the subway, players can search for Togepi. When he evolves into Togekiss, this Pokemon will help a lot against Cynthia, the Sinnoh League champion. As a Fairy type, Togekiss can hit Garchomp to get super effective damage as well as Spiritomb.

To finalize the team, coaches must search Wayward Cave for Gible and develop it into a very powerful Garchomp. This pokemon in general destroys most opponents. Specifically, though, she can beat Volkner’s Electric-type lounge as well as Cynthia’s Lucario.

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