Bills coach Sean McDermott decided to hinge his team’s chances of defeating the Titans in “Monday Night Football” on a play that ultimately failed to visit Buffalo.

That play came with 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter, when the Bills — trailing 34-31 — chose to go for it fourth and an inch from Tennessee 3. Even if the Bills hadn’t entered the finish zone, the conversion could have given them a new set of failures and two tries. Or three more attempts to get a green light score.

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So McDermott played for the win rather than the field goal that expands the game. Unfortunately for The Bills, it looked as if quarterback Josh Allen backed off in his attempt. He was also met by Jeffrey Simmons of Titans’ Jeffrey Simmons, who bridged the gap perfectly to fill in Allen.

Playing one time later, the Kneeling Titans sealed their victory, which marked “Monday Night Football” – he scored seven major changes.

Explaining his decision after the game, McDermott said he believed his team could win then and there:

“Most of the sneaks are in the middle, there’s a readable feel or element to it,” McDermott said. “And Josh is usually spot on with those. I’ve seen him achieve a lot of success in those situations.”

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The play obviously did not produce positive results for the visiting team, but it made sense for the time being. as Ed Werder from ESPN Note that Allen was 13 of 14 in attempts to convert to 4th and 1 or shorter prior to the game’s seal game. That’s more than any other player since 2018, ahead of runners-up Lamar Jackson and Ezequiel Elliott, who have 10 players each.

To that end, McDermott said he would “take Josh Allen 10 times out of 10” and that he would “always believe in players and coaches.”

However, McDermott admitted that he did not want to put the game, most likely, in the hands of his defense. The Titans scored in six of their last eight leaders after Ryan Tanehill intercepted in the first half. These two pushes that didn’t end in a score instead ended the half and the match.

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The reason why Simmons was able to time play and tackle Allen in a nutshell: something that happened in a similar play earlier in the match, also near the goal line. In that play, Allen took the ball and instead of tracing his position offside, he went left and took a heavy hit.

Simmons confirmed after the match that the Titans knew Allen would try to offside.

Bills were placed in this position because of the earlier play. Allen scrambled for 3rd and 6th for 5 yards, jumping to win the streak. Officials seemed to judge the play first before canceling the call. Replay shows that the reversal was true:

That forced McDermott to make the decision that ultimately backfired for his team.

“Again, give them credit.” McDermott said. “They made the play when they had to make one.”

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