Former Australian player Brad Hogg feels India will be under more mental pressure against New Zealand after their stunning loss to Pakistan.

India had never lost a World Cup match against Pakistan before the start of the 2021 T20 World Cup. The legendary streak ended when Pakistan defeated their arch-rivals by 10 wickets last Sunday in Dubai.

A week later, India returned to the same venue to face the New Zealanders in a must-win match. With Pakistan rampant on the semi-final berth, the fight for second place is likely to be between India and New Zealand.

Claiming that while India had the upper hand in the match on Sunday, Hogg added that they may still be feeling the psychological impact of the loss to Pakistan. Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said:

“It’s a game of survival, with New Zealand facing India. Both teams will be emotionally scarred after being defeated by Pakistan. But India will be much more upset that they lost their clean record of not being defeated by Pakistan in a World Cup match. Emotionally, it will be India. A little more draining than New Zealand. The New Zealanders have to try to play on that.”

Another challenge India faces on its way to the ‘do or die’ game is the fact that it has not defeated New Zealand in an ICC event since 2003.

“Will you bring Chardol Thakur to Buffy” – Brad Hogg on the changes India can make

Suggesting changes to playing India XI, Hogg said he would prefer Chardol Thakur over the out-of-form Bhuvneshwar Kumar as it would give them depth in batting without weakening bowling.

He said:

“I would like to bring Chardol Thakur to Buffy (Bovneshwar Kumar) and have him hit 8th and Ishaan Kishan 6th. This is the lineup I would pick because it gives you the extra hitting depth and you also don’t lose much in the bowling department.”

By participating in the Hardik Pandya debate, the 50-year-old saw it as absurd to play a multi-level role if he didn’t want to run. Hough commented:

“Will India stay with Hardik Pandya in sixth? If he can’t pay four then there is no point in having him in the squad. I would go with Ishan Kishan if you want to have six players on the front lines. But you can also make Ravindra Jadeja go up in the center.” Sixth, to bring Ravichandran Ashwin. You have extra depth in hitting and also extra throwing there.”

Throwing Pandya into the net before facing New Zealand. However, there is no clarity on whether he will play in the main game on Sunday.

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