As one of the league’s top receivers, wide-eared hacker Mike Evans is used to catching up on the downs. He entered Sunday’s game against the Bears with 65 career receptions at TD.

So when he got a pass from Tom Brady with six seconds left in the first quarter, Evans thought nothing of the 66. He gave the ball to a fan.

Only one problem: It was a touchdown pass for Brady. He was 600th in his career, making him the first player in NFL history to reach the goal. And now, the ball was in the hands of a fan.

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As Evans was sitting on the bench, he was alerted to what he had done. He knew right away that he had made a mistake.

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That left the team staff needing to go to the fans and get the ball back. According to CBS reporter Tracey Wolfson,, the pirates gave the fan another match ball and promised him a signed jersey.

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CBS analyst and former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had another, much worse idea about the trade, saying the fan should have asked to go on a date with Gisele Bundchen, Brady’s wife and professional model. Once Romo heard what the actual deal was, he said it was a terrible deal and said he thought a date with Bündchen or a million dollars would be required for a fan to “pull the trigger” when giving up football.

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