Football is a tough and physical game, but no part of the game is as difficult as the battle in the trenches.

Vita Vea helped prove it on Sunday afternoon when he lost a tooth during the Buccaneers’ Week 12 game with the Colts while trying to fight across the Indianapolis offensive line.

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FIA, a 346-pound defensive tackle, was double assisted by quarterback Ryan Kelly and goalkeeper Mark Glowinsky. His helmet started slipping and he took a bullet in the chin from Glowinsky. This knocked out his teeth, as you can see via the replay below.

Via didn’t seem too bothered by the blow. He returned to the side line and pointed at the newly formed gap in his smile. He didn’t miss a lot of time with the minor issue either. He kept working to prevent Jonathan Taylor from generating yards in the middle of the field.

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Believe it or not, Vea isn’t the first defensive lineman to lose his teeth during a game in recent seasons. Carl Lawson, a reckless passerby, lost a pair of his teeth once while playing for the Bengals. He described the sack close to then-midfielder DeShone Kizer when it happened in 2017:

โ€œI got over the edge, and I thought I had a sack, but they said the ball is going forward,โ€ Lawson said. ESPN. “When I was taking it down, I saw my teeth in the air for about two seconds. I was like, ‘Holy crap.'”

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Lawson was not wearing a mouthguard when he lost his teeth. It doesn’t look like Vea was, so he’ll probably reconsider that decision after losing one of his pearly whites.

And maybe he’ll reach out to Lawson, now with the Jets, to see if he can recommend a way to replace his now missing tooth.

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