It’s a tough time to be a thrower against the Red Sox.

Boston flagged the Astros for massive total runs in back-to-back ALCS wins, first beating Houston 9-5 in Game 2 at Minute Maid Park to tie the series in one game and then running out to a 12-3 win in Game Three on Monday at Fenway Park.

There were so many shocking numbers, particularly the early totals, that Boston made it look like an all-out offensive force.

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Sporting News takes a look at some of those stats behind the team’s impressive recent start.

early excretion

The Red Sox are sure to establish themselves early on as the favorite to win.

In eight games this post-season, the Red Sox have scored 35 points in Rounds 1-3. Boston launched 11 home runs during those early rushes.

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This Homer total is already tied for fifth in most home runs in the first three innings at one stage after one season in MLB history, According to data from Stathead. Other teams that have marked double-digit home bowlers starting early in their post-season games:

Team general Human Resources
rays 2008 15th
mets 2015 12
rays 2020 12
Dodgers 2020 12
Astros 2004 11
red socks 2021 11
basics 2004 10
basics 2011 10

The scariest part is the Red Sox at most Three more games left in the 2021 postseason. They would be on their way to scoring if they could follow what they were doing.

home run date

Can’t get enough of the long ball? The Red Sox can’t, at least, not in this postseason. Let’s just say, the laundry cart really does run the mileage.

Halfway through Game 3, ESPN’s Marley Rivera tweeted that the Red Sox were close to the franchise’s record for most home runs in the post-season, which they set in 2003 at 20. Tie the mark, need only eight matches to do so.

As Rivera noted, the 2004 Astros also scored 20 points in their first eight post-season games to set the MLB record. The 2021 Red Sox Championship broke the MLS record on Monday. The ’04 Astros lost in the NLCS to the Cardinals, who had been swept by the Red Sox in four World Championship games.

Scary Kiki Hernandez Swing

There may be no better bat now in the Boston lineup than Hernandez’s.

With two more hits on Monday, Hernandez increased his post-season total to 18 through eight games, tying him with Hideki Matsui (2004) and Turman Munson (1976) for the most hits in eight games since 1903, According to Statheed.

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Moreover, Hernandez puts the ball down constantly. He’s only hit four times in this postseason. I have returned five times. In other words, he ran around the bases more times than he walked back to the bunker.

He left Monday’s game with a batting average of 2.027 OPS and 0.615 in the ALCS.

This is not just luck. Even by baseball Savant’s predicted numbers, he’s been one of the best players in post-season. Its xBA is .388, its xOBP is .414 and its xSLG is .817.

Well, maybe a bit of luck, but the .388/.414/.817 slash will probably be enough on its own to garner an ALCS MVP award.

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