Sophomore Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb leads his team in receptions (33), collecting yards (497) and receiving touchdowns (four) in six games this season. At this rate, he’s also well on his way to leading the team in NFL fines.

For each report from Adam Shifter from ESPNLamb was penalized five times by the league, and received total fines of $46,865. Three of those fines were the result of dress violations, totaling $25,750.

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Here is a breakdown of Lamb’s fines reported in the NFL, including why he received the penalties:

  • Socks Too Low Vs Pirates (September 9th): $5,150
  • Non-pointed jersey against the Eagles (September 27): $5,150
  • The Panthers Off-the-Shot T-Shirt (October 3): $15,450
  • Crackback Bloc vs. Panthers (October 3) $10,815
  • Sarcasm against the Patriots (October 17): $10,300

That’s a big part of the change, even taking into account Lamb’s base salary of $1.247 million. Furthermore, the Cowboys receiver will double his fines if he is penalized by the league for the third time for taking off his shirt. Schefter reported that such a penalty would result in a fine of $46,350. That would bring his total to $93,215 in NFL fines.

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Lamb isn’t the only player on his team known to unbutton his shirt – remember Ezekiel Elliott’s midfield? — but his constant fines seem to baffle his teammates.

“I’ve never seen a young player get fined so much,” teammate Amary Cooper told Dallas radio station KRLD over the weekend. “He’s been fined like every week. It’s so confusing to me. I’m like, ‘Do you like money? Do you like getting paid?'”

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