NASCAR last week attempted to end the feud between drivers Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick.

The two have been going back and forth for the past several weeks. There was contact on the track and then a severe dispute after that in Bristol, followed by an accident on the road track in Charlotte. NASCAR finally stepped in and issued multiple warnings ahead of Sunday’s playoff race at Texas Motor Speedway.

She held a phone call on Wednesday to all of the drivers, crew chiefs, car owners and manufacturer representatives to warn of dire consequences if they don’t mince the beef.

Elliott reached the quarter-finals while Harvick lost his chance to qualify for Championship 4 race in Phoenix. Elliott enters the round in sixth place, two points below the cut-off line but also only two points from the safety zone. He trails first-place driver Kyle Larson by 43 points. Elliott can secure a place in Championship 4 with a win in Texas.

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SN looks at recent exchanges between Elliott and Harvick:

Elliott vs Harvick in Bristol

The feud began in the elimination race in the round of 16, the night race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Harvick Elliott drove 35 laps to cover the half-mile track after Elliott led 129 laps in the race. Harvick’s car called an Elliott and snapped off the left front Elliott tire. Elliott had to go through three laps while Harvick kept the lead.

Once back on the track, Elliot hastened to take revenge.

After recovering one lap, Elliot stayed in front of Harvick and blocked him. Hendrik Motorsports teammate Kyle Larson snuck past Harvick by three laps to go and then walked away with the win. Elliot forced Harvick to take second place. Elliott finished 25th.

After the race, Harvick parked his car on the rear bumper of Elliott’s car on a pit road. The drivers got out of their cars and immediately got into a heated exchange.

Harvick later mocked Elliott’s move and expressed his anger at the Chevrolet driver during a post-race interview. The crowd booed the Ford driver, and Harvick responded, “They can boo them whatever they want. I don’t care.”

Elliott responded by saying that fighting with the 45-year-old Harvick is nothing new.

The confrontation did not end on a pit road. Harvick slammed his helmet onto the roof of his car and met Elliot again near the pickup trucks.

Harvick will wait until the final race in Round 12, Bank of America ROVAL 400 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, to hand over the gains.

Elliott vs. Harvick in Charlotte

In the third stage of the elimination race on the Charlotte Oval, Harvick hit Elliott from behind and caused Elliott to crash. Damage to Elliot’s car included his bumper that eventually fell off the track.

Elliott’s team again had to make repairs, but Elliott climbed to 12th and advanced to the quarter-finals. Meanwhile, Harvick cost himself a chance to advance in qualifying when he hit the outside hurdle at Turn 1 with 11. laps to go.

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There was no physical exchange after the breakup, but Harvick offered a few parting words during the postrace interview:

Sometimes life teaches you good lessons.

Meanwhile, Elliott wished Harvick and his team a ‘happy off season’.

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