Is the 2021 NFL season headed for a Super Bowl 55 rematch? Bookmakers seem to think this is a likely outcome.

After the Chiefs’ 34-28 overtime win over the Chargers in “Friday Night Football”, FanDuel Sportsbook is listed Kansas City as a co-contender for the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers, the current champion, in a +500 odds. This means that a bettor who places a $100 bet on the Chiefs or Buccaneers will make a profit of $500.

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This season saw Kansas City turn around what was a slow start and turn it into another dominant year. The Chiefs started the year 3-4 after the first seven weeks, but have since won seven straight games to jump 10-4, and tied for the most wins in the NFL before the bulk of Week 15.

before the eighth week, FiveThirtyEight The Chiefs gave only a 43% chance of making the playoffs, and only a 2% chance of winning the Super Bowl. They now have a greater than 99 percent chance of making the playoffs, and they have an 18 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl, one behind the Pirates, who stand at 19 percent.

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A large part of the transformation of the chiefs was their defense. Despite the first seven weeks, Kansas City allowed 203 points, the fourth most in the NFL. He allowed less than 27 points in just one game, and allowed no less than 30 points in four out of seven matches.

Since then, the Chiefs have kept opposing offenses on single-digit totals in four of their seven games, entered the game against the Chargers, and have allowed the second-lowest number of points in the NFL from weeks 8 to 14.

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And, of course, Mahomes cut his turnover. During his first seven games, he had 67.5 completions, 2,093 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Since then, he has only four interceptions with 12 touchdown passes, 1,959 passing yards and 63.6 completion percentages.

If the Chiefs reach the Super Bowl again, they will be the third team to reach the championship in three consecutive years, joining the Patriots (2016-18), the Bills (1990-93) and the Dolphins (1971-73). If they face the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl, it would be the second time the Super Bowl has featured the same teams in consecutive years, as the Cowboys beat the Bills in back-to-back Super Bowl games in 1992 and 1993.

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