There’s the bad tunes, and then there’s what happened at Saturday’s Florida-Clemson State game.

tigers, Preferred it by 9.5 points over the Seminoles, led by four, 24-20, as Florida began its final possession. With the Seminoles throwing too many sides in the final shot of the game in an effort to score a successful win, quarterback Jordan Travis threw his side back in the middle of the field, but running back Lawrence Toffeli was unable to catch him.

Instead, Clemson midfielder Barrett Carter grabbed the loose ball near the goal line and then fell into the end zone. After the review, Clemson was recorded for landing. The final score became 30-20, which means that the tigers have covered the spread.

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It wasn’t just a spread, though. more / less for the game, According to VegasInsider, 49.5 points. Prior to relegation, both teams had accumulated 44 points; After that, they met for 50, pushing the total up over.

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The end of the entire match seemed to lead to a strange ending. Florida faced 4th and 32nd of 17th with 1:26 remaining and decided to bet rather than go for it. The Seminoles still had two spells and Clemson’s offense was a disaster all season—it was the first time all year that the Tigers scored more than 20 points against a Power 5 opponent.

If the goal of the decision was to get the ball back, it was successful. Clemson running back, Will Shipley took three deliveries and chased down the Tigers with 34 seconds left. The ball rolled to Florida State 9 with 23 seconds left.

Travis’ first play after the pot was a 24-yard completion for Keyshawn Helton to FSU 33. The play was originally an illegal forward pass with Travis supposedly crossing the line of scrimmage, but the call was reversed upon review. Travis’ next pass was incomplete, leaving Florida four seconds to gain 67 yards.

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Travis initially found Treshaun Ward at 43 Seminoles. Ward returned to Andrew Parchment, who began to retreat to avoid Clemson’s defense. He fell back on Travis, who couldn’t hold it at first. Once he got the ball back, he immediately put it back, wasting Toffeli and Carter scoring for the scoop and score. Then came the review, with relegation confirmed, and the match over.

Yes, that would be a bad cadence all the time.

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