Getting lost in the chaos of a college football roster in Week 8 was a truly bizarre ending between Colorado State and Utah State Friday night — one that once again put Steve Adazio’s time-management skills into question.

The Rams dropped 26-24 to the Aggies when they received the ball at the 15-yard line with 44 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Colorado State quarterback Todd Centio (18 of 29, 282 yards, one touchdown, one interception) completed three fast passes to get into Utah grounds before facing a third and 10 in the Aggies’ 39-yard line. He then hit receiver Ty McCullouch to complete 15 yards to Utah State 24 with 11 seconds remaining.

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Colorado State, with no time left, could shoot the ball and try one more pass to get close to kicker Kayden Camper, who fired his only previous attempt in the game from 40 yards. But miscommunication between the attack unit and field targets led to a hasty attempt; The offense looked ready to shoot the ball, but was forced to dash off the field in confusion as the field goal team started as the clock ticked on.

The kick eventually sailed to the left with one second remaining on the clock. College football rules do not allow back-to-back attempts to score on the field, however, and this has resulted in the Aggies taking over. Intisar knelt and ended the match by losing Ramez.

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Adazio’s interpretation of the way events played out did little to generate confidence in his management late in the game. He said that the “Quick Field Goal” unit entered the field without being sent by anyone in the technical staff.

Adazio said via Colorado (Fort Collins, Colorado). “They weren’t sent in, but they went and created this confusion in the end, which is just a shame. We were really prepared, it wasn’t like we weren’t set up to kick the goal. He was set up to kick the goal, but we didn’t shoot it. That’s what happened in the end there. Nobody sent them, but they took off on the field.”

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Adazio retracted his comments a bit when asked to clarify what had happened, saying he took responsibility for what ultimately was a lack of communication.

“Yeah, I would tell you they got soaked in the emotion of the game and got off the field. I’m telling you that’s what I think, I can’t tell you for sure because obviously I like, ‘Who sent them?’ And nobody sent them. So, this just happened, which I mean, it’s my responsibility because that couldn’t have happened but it did,” Adazio said. “So, I’m going to take responsibility for that. Having said that, we were fully prepared, ready to kick the goal. So, I don’t think that had any impact on this field goal at all.”

It’s unfortunate that Rams’ game was lost in part due to blunders late in the game. Colorado State had overcame a 23-14 deficit with 9:23 left in the game to form a potential field goal. Regardless, the loss dropped the Rams to 3-4 on the season and 2-1 at Mountain West play.

Colorado State will try to get back on track against Boise State on Saturday.

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