GTA Online is all about committing crimes in the game to be one of the best crime bosses in the world. In GTA Online, players can do many fun activities to earn money in the game. The more money players have, the easier it is for them to move forward in the game.

The game features a fun way to earn money, by robbing stores. For all the players who are tired of robberies and doing business missions, this is an excellent way to earn some quick money.

Robbery is a quick way to earn a little money in GTA Online, and it is very fun to rob a store at gunpoint. This article shows players all the locations so that they can steal stores in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Complete List of All Theft Sites

Robbery 1) Supermarket

Location: Senora Highway, Mount Chiliad

This store has two records, and players can expect to walk away with $950.

2) Theft Limited Petrol

Location: main grape street

There are in-store registrants, and players can expect to walk away with their $500+ pockets.

Robbery 3) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Niland Street, Sandy Shores

There are also registrars for this store, expected payment is $200.

Robbery 4) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Senora Highway, Grand Senora Desert

Two records of theft with expected loot around $600.

5) liquor barn scoops سرقة

Location: Route 68, Grand Senora Desert

Only one register at this liquor store, even though it pays $350.

Robbery 6) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Route 68, Harmony

There are two records here, and the payout should be around $200.

Robbery 7) Supermarket 24/7

Location: Barbarino Road, Chumash

There are two raid records here, and the payout is good, at $1,100.

Robbery 8) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon

Two more raid records here, and the catch is decent too, priced at $700.

robbery 9) liquor looting

Location: Great Ocean Highway, Benham Valley

The writer is uncooperative, and the players need to take matters into their own hands. The revenue on this store is $100, which makes it the worst place to steal in GTA Online.

10) Limited Gasoline Theft

Location: Tongva Drive, Banham Canyon

There are two recorders here, costing up to $1,200, making this the best place to steal in GTA Online.

Robbery 11) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Clinton Street, Downtown Vinewood

There are two recorders here, and players can get about $600 off the machine.

Robbery 12) 24/7 supermarket

Location: Palomino Highway, Tatavian Mountains

There are two records of raiding here, taking in somewhere in the $1,050 range.

13) Limited Gasoline Theft

Location: E-Mirror Drive, Mirror Park

Double registration again, expected payment in the range of about $880.

14) Rob wines

Location: Prosperity Street, Morningwood

Only one record of theft here, with a $600 payout.

15) Rob wines

Location: San Andreas Street, Vespucci Canals

$600 is the return, from just one record here

16) Limited Petrol Co., Ltd

Venue: Lindsay Circus, Little Sol

Two records pay $800.

17) Rob wines

Location: El Rancho Street, Murrieta Heights

One sign up in this store will get you about $700.

Robbery 18) 24/7 supermarket

Where: Elgin Ave, Strawberry

Two records to raid this store here, but the pay is pretty low at about $300.

19) Limited Gasoline Theft

Location: Grove Street, Davis

Two more records here give players $880.

Theft 20) Liquor Ace

Location: Algonquin Street, Sandy Shores

While all other stores are available for loot in story mode, this location can only be looted in GTA Online.

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