On the surface, the Week 6 match between the Patriots and the Cowboys might not seem overly convincing. Dallas is 4-1 and downright atop the NFC East, while New England is 2-3 and second in the AFC East.

Perhaps it will be an unbalanced issue. But it would also be a good barometer for both teams.

Dallas is one of the most prolific offensive teams in the NFL. In five weeks, the Cowboys were second in scoring (34.0 points per game) and total yards (439.6 yards per game), thanks in large part to quarterback Dak Prescott and back-tankers from Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard. Prescott is third in the league in passing distances (13) and 11 in passing yards (1,368), while Elliott is second in touchdown yards (five) and third in rushing yards (452).

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But the Cowboys are up against a Patriots who boast one of the best defensive units in the game, a unit giving away the fifth lowest points this year (18.4 points per game). Offensively, the Patriots were unremarkable; Quarterback Mac Jones did his job at the Cowboys High School featuring NFL interception leader Trayvon Diggs.

It’s Jones’ third tough game against a good opponent in four weeks, and while he doesn’t have flashy numbers, he did what he was asked, executing the Patriots attack as well as any first-year quarterback.

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The Cowboys will remain top of their league regardless of the outcome, while a win pushes New England to 0.500 and gives them a second straight win. A loss for the Patriots would drop them to 2-4, and could put them even further behind AFC leaders Buffalo.

Sports News tracks updates and highlights from the Cowboys vs Patriots live scores on Sunday. Follow below for the full results from NFL Week 6.

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Cowboy Points vs. Patriots

x 1 Q 2 Q3 Q 4 F

Cowboys vs Patriots live updates, highlights from week 6

5:32 pm: field goal. Greg Zorlin easily takes it out from 30 yards. New England 14, Dallas 10 With 6:39 left in the first half.

5:29 pm: It’s third and 11th of the New England 12 and Dallas comes within a short distance of touchdown after the ball fell far after being caught. Fourth down coming.

5:26 pm: In second and tenth, Dallas turned again, this time with a backcourt pass to Elliott. Cowboys are located in New England 26.

5:22 pm: The Patriots turn him over after Randy Gregory forces a trip on the tape bag and the Cowboys recover. Dallas takes charge at its 48th position.

5:20 pm: Mac Jones broadcasts it and finds Nelson Agulor in second and fifth for 27 yards. The Patriots are now live in the Dallas area at the Cowboys 25.

5:14 p.m.: INTERCEPTION NEW ENGLAND. Prescott was looking for Wilson in the end zone but ended up running. New England takes over at 25 on its own.

5:11 pm: It’s third and ninth of the New England 16 and Dallas calls a timeout with 12:58 left in the second quarter.

End of first quarter: New England 14, Dallas 7

5:07 pm: Second and 11th from New England 41, Prescott hits Amari Cooper for 11 yards to finish the first quarter.

5:06 pm: Prescott hits Cedric Wilson for 44 yards but is called up again after a penalty. Now the first and 20 for Dallas from their 40.

5:04 pm: Injured player on the field where the TV timeout ends.

4:58 pm: Cowboys search for their fourth and second mansion of the day from their lands. She’s 47 and this time is good as Ezekiel Elliott cuts off the run outside and grabs enough. First and tenth from the right in the center line.

4:54 pm: Touching home. Mac Jones beats Hunter Henry to give the Patriots the lead once again for the second time this quarter. New England 14, Dallas 7.

4:52 pm: The corner is marked at the Dallas Trivon Diggs for 15 yards. The Patriots put on the Dallas 20 and are looking to score again.

4:45 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS. Prescott hits tight end Blake Garwin wide open with a stride into the back of the end zone. It’s Duck’s 14th pass of the year and it tied the game. 6 vs 6 had five different goals. Dallas 7, New England 7.

4:43 pm: Dallas continues the march. Three consecutive first touchdowns on this drive so far.

4:41 pm: After touchdown, Dallas took control of 25 points.

4:37 pm: touch home. The Patriots line up to play a trick with Damien Harris lined up under the center for a snap. He holds and takes it out for 4 yards and early points. New England 7, Dallas 0 With 10:20 left in the first.

4:34 pm: Cowboys lose the challenge. Ezekiel Elliott is judged by contact which is the turnover in the Cowboys’ landings. New England leads the Dallas 34 and is preparing to score early.

4:28 pm: Dallas was staring at the first and 20 out of the 15 and they made it to the 4th and 1st. The Cowboys go into it and don’t understand it, but Dallas coach Mike McCarthy is challenging.

4:26 pm: There is a penalty kick at the start of the game and the Cowboys starts from the 12-yard line.

How to watch Cowboys vs Patriots

  • Starting: 4:25 p.m. ET | 1:25 p.m. PT
  • TV channel (national): CBS
  • TV channel (Dallas): KTVT
  • TV channel (Boston): WBZ-TV
  • Live broadcast: fuboTV

Cowboys vs. is set to begin. It will be broadcast by CBS on Sunday, KTVT will be CBS headquarters in Dallas, and WBZTV will broadcast in Boston. You can also stream the game live with fuboTV, It offers a seven-day free trial.

In Canada, viewers can watch Cowboys vs. Patriots on DAZN, which have rights to every NFL game.

Cowboys schedule 2021

week date Discount start time TV
1 September 9 In The Pirates (Thursday) 8:20 PM ET NBC
2 September 19 in chargers 4:25 p.m. ET CBS
3 September 27 vs. Eagles (Mon) 8:15 PM ET ESPN
4 October 3 opposite the leopards 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
5 October 10 against the giants 4:25 p.m. ET Fox
6 October 17 in the patriots 4:25 p.m. ET CBS
7 October 24 Farewell
8 October 31 in vikings 8:20 PM ET NBC
9 November 7 vs bronco 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
10 November 14 against the hawks 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
11 November 21 in heads 4:25 p.m. ET Fox
12 November 25 vs Raiders (Thanksgiving) 4:30 p.m. Eastern time CBS
13 December 2 In Saints (Thursday) 8:20 PM ET Fox / NFL
14 December 12 in Washington 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
15th December 19 in giants 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
16 December 26 opposite Washington 8:20 PM ET NBC
17 January 2 against the cardinals 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
18 January 9 in the eagles 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox

Patriots schedule 2021

week date Discount start time TV
1 September 12 vs dolphins 4:25 p.m. ET CBS
2 September 19 In Gates 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
3 September 26 against the saints 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
4 October 3 (SNF) vs pirates 8:20 PM ET NBC
5 October 10 in Texas 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
6 October 17 vs cowboy 4:25 p.m. ET CBS
7 October 24 against the planes 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
8 October 31 in chargers 4:05 p.m. ET CBS
9 November 7 in leopards 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
10 November 14 vs brown 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
11 November 18 (TNF) in the hawks 8:20 PM ET Fox / NFL Network / Amazon Prime
12 November 28 against the titans 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
13 Dec. 6 (Multinational Force) in Belz 8:15 pm ESPN
14 December 12 Goodbye week
15th December 18 or 19 (TBD) in the ponies to be announced later on to be announced later on
16 December 26 for bills 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
17 January 2 In the Jaguars 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
18 January 9 in dolphins 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS

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