The Seahawks suffered a horrific injury to a key player Sunday night against the Steelers.

Defensive end Daryl Taylor was frozen and then taken off the field after sustaining an injury in a fourth-quarter tackle. The match was postponed as medical staff clamped his head and neck while he was lying on the field. Players and coaches from both teams looked on with great interest.

NBC’s Michelle Tavoya, citing PR at Seahawks, reported that Taylor was moving all his limbs. He was taken by ambulance to the Level 1 Trauma Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Tavoya reported after the match that Taylor was alert and undergoing tests.

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There were immediate comparisons to former Steelers midfielder Ryan Shazier, who was paralyzed during his intervention against the Bengals in 2017. Shazir tweeted his best wishes to Taylor:

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Taylor, 24, was drafted by the Seahawks in the second round (48 overall) of Tennessee State in 2020. He’s missed the entire past year while recovering from January 2020 surgery to repair a stress fracture in his leg he was playing with in 2019.

Sunday came ahead of the Seahawks by four sacks in five games.

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