For the second time in three games, Dodgers coach Dave Roberts faces scrutiny over his bid decision.

Game 5 of the NLDS and Game 1 of the NLCS were always Bullpen games for the Dodgers, and they worked with mixed results (win game 5, lose in game 1). But Roberts quickly faced another one in Game 2 of the NLCS after rookie Max Scherzer failed to go even five rounds. From there, Roberts again began to receive questions about his strategy.

Scherzer closed Game 5 of the NLDS just three days ago, and despite its success, Roberts I acknowledge There is a “cost” to throwing Scherzer in this case.

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Scherzer lasted only 4.1 runs on Sunday, hitting 79 hits in that period and only 52 hits. After the match, Scherzer said he was tired of using it excessively for the past 12 days.

He hit seven times and only stopped four hits, but gave up one home run to Jock Pederson in the fourth inning. After the race at home, he was knocked out of the inning and then hit Orlando Arcia to start the fifth inning before being pulled. Scherzer was replaced by Alex Vesia, one of only three left in the Bull Dodgers game.

Vesia faced two lefties – Eddie Rosario and Freddy Freeman – and switch hitter at Ozzie Albies, ceding one song to Rosario and writing off Freeman and Albies.

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It was those three strokes atop the Braves that led to Roberts’ second questionable decision of the day when he called on the left-winger Julio Orias to try to replicate Vizia’s success and play for the left-footed tacklers down the 8th inning 4-2.

It didn’t work out, as Urías blasted the ball, threw three hits and scored two on his start to tie the match 4-4. The Braves won it when Kenley Jansen ditched Eddie Rosario’s single after inheriting Dansby Swanson at second base.

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Roberts is now giving Urías several days to rest and get back on track to start Game 4, hoping for a better score from his last outing.

Game 3 of the NLCS on Tuesday, October at 5:08 p.m. ET, with Walker Buehler on the bump for the Dodgers and Charlie Morton starting with the Braves.

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