The 2021-222 NBA season kicks off Tuesday night, and what better way to welcome back superstars like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmue, Steve Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis than by trying to win some DFS money at the opening night of the DraftKings competition? The opening night’s two-game roster showcases Nets vs.Bucks and Warriors vs.Lakers, and as noted above, there are plenty of buttons and sleepovers at work to fill your daily fantasy basketball lineups.

Below, you’ll find the main menu lineup selections. The early season offers some valuable opportunities if we can identify players with safer roles than DK pricing suggests, and we certainly found quite a few.

DraftKings NBA DFS Opening Night: Daily Fantasy Basketball Squad Tips

PG: James Harden, Nets vs.Bucks ($9,300). Stephen Curry being more expensive than Harden made this an easy decision. Although Curry can really explode for 30+ points, I like playing the value of saving some money with Harden, who will stuff the stat sheet equally across the board.

General Secretary: Jordan Paul, Warriors v. Lakers ($4,800). Poole was the breakout gem for the Warriors in pre-season, averaging 21.8 points and 3.2 three-pointers per game. He’ll take on the role of Golden State shooting guard until Klay Thompson returns later this season, which means you get a base-caliber player at just $4,800 worth of.

SF: LeBron James, Lakers vs Warriors ($9,000). There is not much explanation required here. James is $900 cheaper than Durant, which means you get similar value while saving money for a better player elsewhere in your squad. Swipe another spot down and you’ll be glad you saved some cash on Harden and James on Carrie and Durant.

PF: Giannis Antitokonmo, Pax vs. Nets ($10,000). Yes, this is correct. The opening night lineup could feature Harden, James and Antetokounmpo. If the Finals MVP looks anything like what he did during post-season for the Bucks, he’d be in for a monster night to start the season.

A: Dwight Howard, Lakers vs Warriors ($4900). Howard is expected to come off the bench with the Lakers, but I expect him to play more minutes than Deandre Jordan. It’s good value play and will score rebounds and, if you’re lucky, make a few blocks.

G: Patti Mills, Nets for Pax ($3,700). With Keri Irving sidelined, Mills will take the bulk of his minutes. If pre-season is any indication, Mills will not be the starter, but he will play a key role on the bench as a microwave recorder and playmaker, knocking down the threes and providing assists.

F: Bruce Brown, Nets for Pax ($3,600). Speaking of filling Irving’s role in the starting line-up, it looks like he’ll be moving on to Brown. Getting a beginner for just $3,600 is great value and Brown does all the little things to help the Nets succeed. He might not score much, but it will help with defensive and board count stats.

UTIL: Pat Connaughton, pax for nets ($4,700). It remains to be seen if Connaughton will fill Donte Devincenzo’s place in the starting line-up, but even if he comes off the bench, he is in line for some quality minutes. With main Bobby Portis out as well, Connaughton should be a solid source for triples and rebounds.

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