Francesco Faccinetti made headlines after Conor McGregor was allegedly punched early Sunday morning at the Regis Hotel in Rome. The Italian DJ claimed that McGregor criticized him for no reason.

In an exclusive interview with daily mailFacchinetti gave an in-depth explanation of his quarrel with the UFC star.

“We were having a drink together and everything seemed fine when he suddenly changed. I was just a few inches away from him when he punched me all over the face with his right hand. I went back and hit a table.”

Conor McGregor randomly attacks an Italian DJ in Rome
Francesco Faccinetti, famous Italian DJ, singer and TV personality claims that the Irish UFC fighter punched him in the face at a nightclub, breaking his nose 👀👀

Immediately after the alleged attack, McGregor was apparently taken away by two of his bodyguards. The injured Facchiniti, with a bloodied nose and lips, was hospitalized and had to wear a cervical collar.

Faccinetti and his wife were with American actress Bella Thorne, whom MacGregor knew. The UFC lightweight met the Italian DJ after he reportedly texted Thorne and asked her to join him and his wife, Dee Devlin, at a party.

“McGregor was talking about this and that for three hours and the whole group was enjoying each other’s company. We talked about Rome and Italy and how he was picking up his boat from a Lamborghini. I was very friendly. Whiskey and I poured him a drink. The atmosphere was good. It was very calm and friendly.”

However, Thorne and her husband had to leave the party, after which Conor McGregor lost his temper, Fachinti claimed.

“Bella said she had to catch a train early to go to Milan for the premiere and needed to get some sleep. I said the party could go on and she would stay with my wife. That was when he flipped over. He was completely out of control. He looked like he wanted to kill me. For no reason at all. Bella was stunned, she couldn’t believe what had happened.”

Francesco Facinti filed a police complaint against Conor McGregor

When the dust settled, Facinte decided to take action. He has filed a police complaint against Conor McGregor and hopes that justice will be served in the matter soon.

The 41-year-old said he did not want to see McGregor in prison, but believed the prison sentence would make the Irishman realize his mistake.

The former UFC Second Division Champion is currently recovering from a leg injury he sustained at UFC 264 in July of this year. He is medically suspended for six months, which will keep him on the sidelines until January 2022 at the earliest.

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