Dallas Guedert (backup/COVID-19 roster) Not in the final injury report, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll call it ‘doubtful’ (maybe ‘doubtful’) heading into the Eagles’ Thursday night football week six game against the Buccaneers. The news that he was put on the COVID list was announced on Tuesday, and in order to be acquitted, he will have to take two negative COVID tests before the match. However, it’s not yet ruled out (and won’t technically be on the inactive final list), so fantasy football owners will be frantically checking for updates before their first streak begins, sitting on a week’s decision.

We will continue to update this article with news on Goedert until the official active/inactive report is released on Thursday around 6:50 PM ET. For the latest fantasy updates, follow us on Twitter Tweet embed.

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Does Dallas Guedert play Thursday night?

Update: With Philadelphia Lifting News T Noah Tagayee As a “COVID alternate” for Thursday night’s game, this make it official That Goedert out.

Goedert was placed on the precautionary/COVID-19 list on Tuesday, and given the short turnaround, it seems unlikely that he will be able to get two negative tests 24 hours apart. However, this is not impossible Eagles coach Nick Siriani implied on Wednesday When he answered a question about how Philadelphia would “work” if Guedert was out. However, since he praised the virtues of Jack Stoll III in his answer, this seemed to indicate that Goedert would be seated. If Goedert plays, he should start against Bucs’ generous defense.

Standard Rankings for Week Six:
Quarterback | running backwards | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

If he’s abroad, pencil in Zach Ertz as the top 10 player to play this week in any format. After all, Ertz was already outpacing Goedert on goals, and with complete control over the initial tight end point, he should get a lot of looks. Tampa Bay gave up the sixth most points to fanciful tight ends, including letting down Tyler Higby, Juno Smith and Hunter Henry. Ertz has conceded six goals in the red already this season, so the numbers tell us these piles will be a good opportunity for him. If Goedert plays, he’s already drawn eight goals in the red, so the same sentiment will apply to him.

PPR Week 6 Rankings:
Quarterback | running backwards | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

It’s worth noting that both men start considering even if Goedert is active. Both were fantasy related, and the confrontation couldn’t get much better. We moved Ertz up to seventh in the PPR and in the Standard Leagues when the Goedert news came out, but we had both as top 15 games before then. If Goedert is out and you don’t trust Ertz or don’t have the ability to list him, our rankings and Week 6 exemption captures can point you in the right direction for another player.

WEEK 6 DFS LINEUPS: DraftKings | Vandel | Hey ho

One good thing about the TE place is that you don’t have to think twice about where to start in your squad. Normally you’d want to avoid putting your Thursday night players in the flex, but that’s not a factor here.

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