If you’re feeling unprepared for your own fantasy NBA draft, we’ve got you covered with our top 200 fantasy basketball rankings for the 2021-’22 season. Should you take Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, or James Harden with the #1 pick? What if the draft slot was late in the first round? Where is the rank of the Lakers teammates, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook? Once you delve deeper into the draft, which potential players should you target? Our top 200 cheat sheets can help with top class and late sleepovers.

Below, you can find each player with their current team, position eligibility, and position standings. Pay attention to players who qualify for multiple positions, as this can help with the flexibility of the menu and provide benefits in specific categories.

Dominate Your Draft: 2021 Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet

Injuries, sudden breaks, and more sudden breakouts will happen this year. They always do. You can only prepare a lot during your draft, but having the top 200 at your disposal — along with the rankings for each individual position (which can be found directly below) — can go a long way toward feeling good about your roster and having some big holes when the season ends on Tuesday, October 19.

Good luck in 2021!

2021 fantasy basketball rankings:
point guard | shooting guard | small forward | forward force | center

Fantasy Basketball Rankings 2021: Top 200 Cheat Sheets

Position eligibility depends on ESPN settings

Imaginary sleep: one from each team | Top 10 Draft Steals | best juniors

Rank player Team Location center rank
1. Nikola Jokic The NS C1
2. Giannis Antikonmo one thousand PF PF1
3. Luka Doncic from PG PG1
4. Kevin Durant BKN SF/PF SF1
5. James Harden BKN SG/PG SG1
6. Russell Westbrook LAL PG PG2
7. Stephen Curry GSW PG PG3
8. Cities of Karl Anthony Accurate NS C2
9. Damian Lillard by PG p 4
10. LeBron James LAL SF / PF / PG SF2
11. Jason Tatum Package SF/PF SF3
12. Bring the youth ATL PG priority 5
13. Joel Embiid PH NS C3
14. Dumantas Sabonis IND NS c 4
15th. Pam Adebayo Mine NS C5
16. Jimmy Butler Mine SF/SG SF4
17. Bradley Bell I was SG SG2
18. Paul George Latin America and the Caribbean sixth SF5
19. Nikola Vucevic spend NS C 6
20. Anthony Davis LAL PF/C. PF2
21. Julius Randle New York PF PF3
22. Rudy Gobert Utah NS C7
23. Chris Paul PHX PG priority 6
24. Diaron Fox bag PG PG7
25. Chris Middleton one thousand SF/SG SF6
26. Zach Lavigne spend SG SG3
27. lamillo ball No PG p 8
28. Zion Williamson No PF PF4
29. Devin Booker PHX SG/PG SG4
30. Donovan Mitchell Utah SG SG5
31. Keri Irving BKN PG p 9
32. gilgus alexander tea OKC SG/PG SG6
33. Clint Chapel ATL NS c 8
34. Fred Vanfleet TOR PG / SG p 10
35. Jrue holiday one thousand SG/PG SG7
36. Jaylyn Brown Package SG/SF SG8
37. Dender Eaton PHX NS C9
38. Malcolm Brogdon IND PG / SG p 11
39. Christian Wood ho PF/C. PF5
40. Tobias Harris PH SF/PF SF7
41. Ja Morante MEME PG p 12
42. Ben Simmons PH PG p 13
43. Jonas Valančiūnas No NS c 10
44. CJ McCollum by SG/PG SG9
45. Kyle Lowry Mine PG M 14
46. Demar DeRozan spend SG/SF SG10
47. Michael Porter Jr. The SF/PF SF8
48. Gordon Hayward No sixth SF9
49. Kid Cunningham The PG m 15
50. Terry Roser No SG/PG SG11
51. Dignity Murray sass PG M 16
52. Miles Turner IND C/PF C 11
53. Brandon Ingram No SF/PF sixth 10
54. John Collins ATL PF PF6
55. OG Anunoby TOR SF/PF sixth 11
56. Richawn Holmes bag NS C 12
57. Anthony Edwards Accurate SG SG12
58. Lonzo Pool spend PG PG17
59. Karis Levert IND SG/SF SG12
60. Garrett Allen Total NS C13
61. Michael Bridges PHX SF/SG SF12
62. Galen Suggs Nose, ear and throat PG M 18
63. Pascal Siakam TOR PF PF7
64. Evan Mobley Total PF/C. PF8
65. Miles Bridges No SF/PF SF13
66. Darius Garland Total PG / SG p. 19
67. Mike Conley Utah PG p 20
68. Draymond Green GSW PF PF9
69. Klay Thompson GSW SG SG13
70. Jeramy Grant The PF / SF PF10
71. Joseph Nurkic by NS C 14
72. Galen Green ho SG SG14
73. Jamal Murray The PG / SG p 21
74. Jonathan Isaac Nose, ear and throat PF / SF PF11
75. Jackson Jr. years. MEME PF/C. PF12
76. Spencer Dinwiddy I was PG / SG p 22
77. Andrew Wiggins GSW SF/SG SF13
78. Marcus Smart Package PG / SG PG23
79. Kimba Walker New York PG p 24
80. Christapps Porsingis from C/PF c 15
81. Kelly Olynyk The PF/C. PF13
82. Robert Covington by PF / SF PF14
83. Bogdan Bogdanovic ATL SG/SF SG15
84. Devont Graham No PG / SG p 25
85. Norman Powell by SF/SG SF14
86. RJ Barrett New York SG/SF SG16
87. D’Angelo Russell Accurate PG / SG p 26
88. Chris Boucher TOR C/PF C16
89. hold friends bag SG/SF SG17
90. Colin Sexton Total SG/PG SG18
91. Therese Halliburton bag PG / SG PG27
92. Harrison Barnes bag PF / SF PF15
93. Brooke Lopez one thousand NS C 17
94. Dennis Schroeder Package PG p 28
95. John Wall ho PG p 29
96. Mason Plumley No NS Q 18
97. Mitchell Robinson New York NS C 19
98. PJ Washington No PF PF17
99. Robert Williams III Package NS c 28
100. Kohi Leonard Latin America and the Caribbean sixth SF15
101. Kevin Porter Jr. ho SG/PG SG19
102. Kyle Anderson MEME SF/PF SF16
103. Evan Fournier New York SG/SF SG20
104. Owner Beasley Accurate SG/SF Study Group 21
105. Km Birch TOR NS s 29
106. Isaiah Stewart The NS c 30
107. TJ Warren IND sixth SF17
108. Jacob Boeltel sass NS C31
109. Keldon Johnson sass SF/PF SF18
110. Reggie Jackson Latin America and the Caribbean PG p 30
111. Nickel Alexander Walker No SG SG22
112. TJ McConnell IND PG p 31
113. be honest with you The sixth SF19
114. Thomas Bryant I was NS C31
115. DeAndre Hunter ATL sixth SF20
116. Derek White sass PG / SG PG32
117. Kyle Kuzma I was PF / SF PF16
118. Jordan Clarkson Utah SG SG23
119. Kevin Huerter ATL SG/SF SG24
120. Larry Nance Jr. by PF PF17
121. Shuma Okeke Nose, ear and throat PF PF18
122. Alhorford Package PF/C. PF19
123. Markel Fultz Nose, ear and throat PG PG33
124. Stephen Adams MEME NS s 32
125. Aaron Gordon The PF PF20
126. Bojan Bogdanovic Utah PF / SF PF21
127. James Wiseman GSW NS C33
128. Tim Hardaway Jr. from SG/SF SG25
129. Joe Harris BKN SG/SF SG26
130. Duncan Robinson Mine SG/SF SG27
131. Serge Ibaka Latin America and the Caribbean PF/C. PF22
132. Derek rose New York PG / SG p 34
133. Roy Hashimura I was PF / SF PF23
134. Darius Bazley OKC SF/PF SF21
135. Joe Engels Utah SF / SG / PG SF22
136. Marvin Bagley III bag PF PF24
137. Will Barton The sixth SF23
138. Tyler Hero Mine SG/PG SG28
139. Josh Hart No SG/SF SG29
140. Doug McDermott sass SF/PF SF23
141. montrezel harrel I was PF/C. PF24
142. Scotty Barnes TOR PF / SF PF25
143. Dorian Finney Smith from SF/PF SF24
145. Luguentz there OKC SG/SF SG30
146. Jason Tate ho sixth SF25
147. Dillon Brooks MEME SG/SF SG31
148. Thaddeus Young sass SF/PF/C. SF26
149. Goran Dragic TOR PG p 36
150. Marcus Morris Sr. Latin America and the Caribbean SF/PF SF27
151. Kelly Ober Jr. No SF/PF SF28
152. Kobe White spend PG PG37
153. Cole Anthony Nose, ear and throat PG PG38
154. Monte Morris The PG PG39
155. Wendell Carter Jr. Nose, ear and throat NS s 34
156. in Pampa Nose, ear and throat NS C35
157. Gary Trent Jr. TOR SG/SF SG32
158. Daniel Theiss spend PF/C. PF26
159. Nerlence Noel New York NS s 36
160. Matisse Thibault PH SF/SG SF29
161. Royce O’Neill Utah SF/PF SF30
162. Brandon Clark MEME PF/C. PF27
163. Corey Joseph The PG p 40
164. Victor Oladipo Mine SG SG33
165. Josh Gedi OKC PG / SG p. 41
166. Ivica Zubak Latin America and the Caribbean NS C37
167. Seth Carrey PH SG/PG SG34
168. please Derek OKC C/PF C38
169. Daniel Gaford I was NS C39
170. Danilo Galinari ATL PF / SF PF28
171. Andre Drummond PH NS s 40
172. Bobby Portez one thousand PF PF29
173. Alperin Sengon ho NS C 41
174. Franz Wagner Nose, ear and throat sixth SF31
175. Eric Bledsoe Latin America and the Caribbean SG/PG SG35
176. Therese Maxi PH SG SG36
177. Kenyon Martin Jr. ho sixth SF32
178. Kilian Hayes The PG p 42
179. Blake Griffin BKN PF PF30
180. one’s edges Package NS Q 42
181. Donte Divincenzo one thousand PG / SG p 43
182. Laurie Markanen Total PF PF31
183. Taleen Horton Tucker LAL SG/SF SG37
184. Alexey Bokosevsky OKC PF PF32
185. Terrence Man Latin America and the Caribbean sixth SF33
186. Patrick Williams spend SF/PF SF34
187. Jay Crowder PHX PF / SF PF33
188. Isaiah Ruby OKC PF PF34
189. Galen Bronson from PG p 44
190. Josh Richardson Package SG/SF SG38
191. Ricky Rubio Total PG PG45
192. Kendrick Nan LAL SG SG39
193. Dillon Wright ATL PG / SG p 46
193. Jaden McDaniels Accurate sixth SF35
194. Trevor Ariza LAL sixth SF36
195. Jonathan Kuminga GSW SF/PF SF37
196. Jeff Green The PF PF35
197. Cody Zeller by NS C43
198. Facundo Campazzo The PG p 47
199. Nas Red Accurate NS Q 44
200. Jeremy Lamb IND SG/SF SG40

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