The shooting keeper position is a great opportunity to add a player who can add points. It’s not as deep as the point guard position, so you may want to jump on the top tier stars earlier in your draft. You can also choose someone like James Harden, who is listed as a primary shooting guard but primarily plays the Nets point guard. He can boost your total help from SG website. Stars like Bradley Beal, Zach Lavigne and Devin Booker are more traditional scorers. There’s also someone like Jrue Holiday, who will steal thefts. Simply put, our 2021 SG fantasy basketball rankings are among the most “diverse”, from buttons to players who sleep.

With the NBA season set to begin on Tuesday, October 19, time is running out to hold on to the fantasy basketball draft. We’re here to help with our topical rankings, so if you need more than the top 200 player ratings, perhaps because you need depth in a specific location on your list, we’re here to help.

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2021 fantasy basketball rankings:
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Fantasy Basketball SG Rankings 2021: Top players, who sleep in shooting guard

Position eligibility depends on ESPN settings

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Rank player Team
1. James Harden BKN
2. Bradley Bell I was
3. Zach Lavigne spend
4. Devin Booker PHX
5. Donovan Mitchell Utah
6. gilgus alexander tea OKC
7. Jrue holiday one thousand
8. Jaylyn Brown Package
9. CJ McCollum by
10. Demar DeRozan spend
11. Terry Roser No
12. Anthony Edwards Accurate
13. Galen Green ho
14. Klay Thompson GSW
15th. Bogdan Bogdanovic ATL
16. RJ Barrett New York
17. hold friends bag
18. Colin Sexton Total
19. Kevin Porter Jr. ho
20. Evan Fournier New York
21. Owner Beasley Accurate
22. Karis Levert IND
23. Nickel Alexander Walker No
24. Jordan Clarkson Utah
25. Kevin Huerter ATL
26. Tim Hardaway Jr. from
27. Duncan Robinson Mine
28. Tyler Hero Mine
29. Josh Hart No
30. Luguentz there OKC
31. Dillon Brooks MEME
32. Gary Trent Jr. by
33. Victor Oladipo Mine
34. Seth Carrey PH
35. Eric Bledsoe Latin America and the Caribbean
36. Therese Maxi PH
37. Taleen Horton Tucker LAL
38. Josh Richardson from
39. Kendrick Nan LAL
40. Jeremy Lamb IND

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