Jo Buck recently appeared in Podcast “Smartless” With Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. And he had a confession to make about something that happened early in his radio career.

“I peed into a bottle while calling the NFL touchdown,” Buck admitted. “I was peeing in the trash and they handed me like a little water bottle.”

You may have some important questions about this revelation.

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First of all, how did that happen? This came during a segment of the podcast in which Buck gave young broadcasters some important tips on being a stage host.

“If there’s stage fright in your life, don’t apply,” Buck said. “Because you have a minute and a half to go to the bathroom and there’s a problem running.”

Naturally, that comment led to Buck’s story. He was in Milwaukee calling the Packers vs. Falcons, and he really had to go. However, there was one problem.

“[It] It was like “Mission Impossible,” something Tom Cruise to get to the bathroom in the stadium, and the half wouldn’t finish,” Buck told Arnett, Pittman, and Hayes. I couldn’t get there and was pounding the water and crying. The water was trying to get out of it [my system]. “

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So, Buck did what a desperate person would do. It went first in the trash and then in the bottle. But it wasn’t finished before the game resumed.

“We got back from break, and I was peeing,” Buck said. “And it started working and I called down while urine was coming out of me.”

Having Buck enough money to do this is certainly impressive.

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Of course, this begs another question. when did this happen?

Sporting News did some research and found out that there was one Packers-Falcons game that was played in Milwaukee for which Buck was an announcer. It was December 18, 1994, in the 16th week of the NFL season.

Buck said on the podcast that Buck was just getting started at Fox when he was 25 at the time, and the weather is 34 degrees for the game — “I was wearing a jacket because it was freezing.” timetable.

So, what drop did Buck call while peeing into a bottle? That might have been Brett Favre’s last-minute win of the match immediately following the timeout, but you’ll have to judge for yourself who Game broadcast in 1994.

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